“Electronic Informational-Communicationalism”

The term “Electronic Informational-Communicationalism” really got my tongue and mind twisted when i read it in the article by Manuel Castellls in Informationalism, Networks and the Network Society : A theoretical Blueprint…

However, while continuing to read the article, i find imperative to share some of his points as i do think they come in line with what we do in class…

New Forms of Media did not start from nothing, it has to have a start and some force behind them to enable their rapid challenges… and leading us to a world of 24/7 connectivity and interactivity…

Manuel Castells wrote :” what is specific to this new system of information and communication technologies that sets them apart from the historical experience?

[…] what specifies this paradigm in relationship to previous historical developments of information and communication technologies(such as printing, telegraph or the non-digital telephone), are in essence, three major, distinctive features of the technologies that are the heart of the system

1. Their Self-expanding and communicating capacity in terms of colume, complexity, and speed

2. The recombining ability on the basis of digitization and recurrent communication

3. Their distributing flexibility through interactive, digitized networking”

Hence, just think of the internet, online communities, P2P Technologies, Digital TV, as well Messengers(Yahoo, MSn, Aol) and:

1. to the extent they get us connected to friends, families, unknown people, and

2. how their ability to upgrade themselves lead us to new platforms of interactivity within this networked arena, and thus forming a powerful Network Society….



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