Resources for ‘New Media’ module

I am posting here a few links to resources that you can explore for the ‘New Media’ module.

As a reminder, Joel de Rosnay’s book can be found at the following address. It is freely downloadable in either pdf format (you will need Acrobat Reader which is also freely downloadable) or in html:

Manuel Castells’ webpage is found at the The Annenberg School of Communication’s site. There are some of his most recent writings which are interesting to read:

Some resources about Jean Baudrillard can be found at:

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Resources for ‘New Media’ module

  1. haha,

    Really interesting reading…

    I have started the reading of Joel De Rosnay’s book(250pages of printouts + Binding)…. i find it very interesting…. My Dad is also planning to read the book, He started reading it at his shop but since it is time consuming and i need to read the book, we settled that he will read it after my exams….

    For Baudrillard and its Simulacra, i do think all teh class has a copy of his work.. we did get it from Our Intercultural Communication lecturer…


  2. again, i forgot to sign…..

    anyway, i checked for the Unabomber Manifestor… My God… This is a very dark industrial age.. i havent finished the reading yet… but i have the impression that the man is a bit ‘zin-zin’, well all ‘zin-zin’ people have been proven to be great scholars lol… anyway, i will report on it after reading the whole of it….



  3. Dear Zaynah,

    I forgot to mention that I have activated moderation of comments before publication. This I have done in order to prevent spam comments which are increasingly a nuisance.

    You may in fact yourself moderate the comments for publication by logging in as site admin and going to the dashboard or the ‘manage’ section + ‘comments’ part.

    Keep it up,



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