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Hi frens,

i found this article interesting and it is relate to video access as well as film theory. The article is called Cyber Nomad and it is written in 1994(quite along step behind… but well, there is still some reality in it!)



One thought on “Check This

  1. The article, although long, was interesting. I think video is becoming more and more popular for a media outlet. YouTube has deveoped into a media mogule. I think advertising is going to be taking a more video based approach.
    I think video advertising will take a more major role in the internet. is an advertising company that is starting to do video based online advertising. Their products are really innovative and I think more advertising will be done with this medium in the future.
    Their product is a great example of how mediums are being used that are ‘classic’ and new ‘twists’ are being put on them to find new processes.


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