Enlarging the forum

Dear all,

As from now, I have decided to enlarge this blog-forum in order to include all other Communication students (i.e. Levels I-IV).

The idea is to get more people to participate and therefore give more life to this blog. Hopefully, this will also nurture some dialogue across all levels and create a spirit of collaboration and belonging to the Communication Studies Unit.

I am therefore creating categories (see sidebar) to help us organise our thoughts and discussions along some thematics.

All contributors and commentators are urged to sign their names and Level of studies (just indicate Yr 1, 2, 3 or 4) .



2 thoughts on “Enlarging the forum

  1. hmmmm,

    Good Initiative and i do hope that all commn students seize this opportunity to express themselves more openly about life at university, course contents, interesting articles, etc….

    Zaynah ComYr4


  2. yes that’s really a good initiative! wen i started uni thought that there was nt much interaction btw us.. we were doing communication studies but no comm btw us at all! this blog will be great provided evry1 participates nw…

    Ishtiba Yr3


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