A cine-club?


If any of you are interested in setting up a cine-club, please let me know.

The project was in my mind since some time and it has cropped up again following a conversation with Ashvin Khemraz (lecturer for Principles of Graphic Design). Of course, we would need to have a critical mass in order to kickstart the project as well as people who are willing to participate actively…

So this is just a first ‘appel à manifestation d’intérêt’. If anyone is interested, just drop a line in the comments or send me an e-mail.

I would have liked the project to be owned and driven by you the students, not academics for a variety of reasons:

– You can set up a student association or club and be affiliated to the students’ union (you get funds from them to support the activities of the club;-)

– Without students, such a project would be useless. We need dynamic people to run that and to constitute a regular audience (I’m not saying academics aren’t dynamic but theoretically, students are supposed to be more dynamic… so prove it;-)
– You will benefit from the activities (get opportunities to watch and discuss worthwhile films)

Anyone interested?

PS: Of course, we’ll be there to help you in the shadows

PPS: It will take some time for the project to take shape… but we can start the process nonetheless



9 thoughts on “A cine-club?

  1. hi,

    It is not a matter of challenge…but a matter of awakening the death!!!lolz! i mean awakening our dynamism….

    anyway, it is a good idea to set-up a cine-club since i do think that students/most mauritian people do not know how to appreciate real good quality films!!!other than Communication ones who are good at watching films from different angles! R nt we guys???

    I will surely participate in the discussion after the “cine-club’ has been established!!!

    Zaynah- yr4


  2. Is 3 comments enough to start the club?? Coz im very very interested about the cine-club and a couple of weeks before I was thinking about asking you if we could set up much a club. coincidence I guess!

    anyways im more than willing to participant on the project. Maybe we should try to reach more students through emails or posters, i mean other students outside comm.

    Kareina – yr3


  3. Good idea. DVDs today give us much more opportunity to watch ‘rare’ movies – or any other – with good quality. But then where? when? Have to keep the ball rolling.

    In the meatime, why not use this section of the blog to post some info/comments about any special movie that we know of or we have already watched, that is showing on TV (no need then to go fishing for any recommended DVD)? First thought… Match Point by Woody Allen (showing on Canal+ since Tuesday 22 Nov) and Sin City (still running on Canal+ Cinema). Btw, try to watch the nice weekly cinema programme of Canal+, Le Cercle. Ya ok… C+ again and again. But hey, they got interesting movies and that’s one of the reasons I subscribed :-p

    Cheers to all screengazers 😉

    Gilbert (ex-Com/grad 2006)


  4. Welcome onboard Gilbert.
    Discussions around movies you’ve seen as well as TV serials (even KKSBKBT 😉 are most welcome.

    As for the cine-club, it would be a good idea to set up a students’ club registered with the students union. We could use the lecture theatres + RGB projector for film viewing. The question mark is how do we get the films of course. Maybe we could assistance from the CCCB and British Council…

    Anywayz, so far, I’ ve noted interest from Zaynah, Ishtiba & Kareina. Anyone else interested? Let’s keep the ball rolling until beginning of next semester, what do you say?



  5. Hey Gilbert, Felicitation for getting the UoM Bursary with a very remarkable ‘absentia’ on the graduation day!!! Good for them! Commn students always demarkate themselves from other UoM students!! ha!

    Tu as raison pour les films! Commencons par ceki se passe sur la tele!!! mais je regarde tres peu la tele… pa meme les fameux KKSBKBT(p begayer tout la) ou Sindoor…

    alors, je vais parler un peu sur LOST- Les Disparus( Que j’ai pu voir 2 vendredi de suite)… c un serie mais en l’analysant, je vois que cette serie comporte tous les ingredients d’un film commercial sur grand ecran… ce qui est un peu impressionant c l’angle de la camera, tu as l’impression que le camera reste ‘ouverte’ ou t’invite tout le temps dans cette foret ou ile perdue…. il n’y a vraiment pas de ‘tight framing’ et ce n’est ke quand il y a danger qu’il y a des CU(close-up)… il y aussi les ‘ethnic minorities’ qui ‘sy trouvent dans le film, y-a-t-il un ideologie derrier cette representation? il y reste a prouver!!! j’ai pas encore fini d’anayser cette serie!

    Evidemment, on va se demander quand cette serie se terminera?? ou elle subira le meme sort que X-Files…

    Sinon, essayer de voir V sur la MBC1 les dimanches et compare V a tous les series d’aujourdhui!!! la tele a vachement evolueee… pa vraie?? la couleur et mem les techniques de ‘filmer’? fouf, sa peine a voir en 2006!

    et mem les vetements?? qu’en dis de ces constumes avec le V en noir!!! je pense ke je vais commander une des jupes d’elizabeth!!! hahaha!

    Zaynah- Yr4


  6. Ce serait bien de lancer le club au prochain semestre. Ceux qui sont en Y 4 seront encore (un peu) sur le campus, et les autres étudiants, qui participeraient dès le début, pourraient entretenir le mouvement. Au sujet des films: pourquoi ne pas demander aux membres ou amis de collaborer à l’initative? J’ai moi-même quelques DVD qui pourraient servir. Et d’autres que je peux aussi emprunter pour la bonne cause 🙂

    To Zaynah. Thx. Ya, we never do as others do… Including having a bad fall and breaking some bones that kept me away from the grad ceremony :-p About Lost… Not seen till now. Ya, too many TV serials showing. No time to watch everything for the sake of it. My latest ‘coup de coeur’ were ‘Rome’ and ‘Band of Brothers’ (the latter on DVD), and i’m a bit into Desperate housewives, Cold Case… And I just love Daria and The Simpsons (critique de l’Amérique moyenne et clins d’oeil dans les Simpsons). And, if u guys want to have a very good laugh, don’t miss Rosalinda!! Showing on MBC2 19h20 on Saturdays and Sundays. A telenovela dubbed in Kreol. It’s already funny to watch in French with multiple-voice dubbing (bad)actors and non-synch lip movement. It’s even more so in kreol…

    V?? Mari lépok sa!! Souvenirs… Comment oublier les collants et les souris avalées Et oui, c tellement évident de voir la différence technique entre les séries d’il y a 20 ans (ou même 10 ans) et celles d’aujourd’hui. C’est intéressant de voir à quel point l’esthétique et d’autres repères strictement techniques peuvent permettre d’identifier l’époque à laquelle un film a été réalisé. Et c’est encore plus fascinant de voir comment des réalisateurs peuvent se référer intelligemment à ces codes esthétiques pour donner plus de crédibilité visuelle à leur film, ou pour faire de ces codes des références qui font le caractère-même du film: Soldat Ryan, Mars Attacks, Sky Captain…

    A+ sur la toile (du réseau ou du ciné) 🙂

    Gilbert D.


  7. The setting up of a cine club will be great! Even if am working and studying at the same time, i’ll try my best to participate in the setting up of the cine-club. Am sure that this initiative will be successful, where there is a will, there is a way, but we need the contribution of each and everyone.

    All the very Best!!

    Yr 1, comms.


  8. Perfume, road to guantanamo bay ..and l’incontournable verité(al gore’s documentary movie on global warming) are the last 3 movies that i ticked off my movie list… perfume is a Suspense/Thriller and is tagged as being the ‘story of a murderer’..note the inverted commas… the way i interpreted the movie may be very off the track for some of you…but i did interpret jean baptiste grenouille(the ‘murderer’ with an overwhelming and incomparable ‘sense de l’odorat’) as being an artist ..more than a murderer… it is a must see… it is based on the novel Perfume by Patrick Süskind.

    road to guantanamo bay, is a documentary movie, using the ‘temoignages’ scenario based on factual evidence of 4 british-asian boys…accidentally finding themselves at guantanamo bay prison…in cuba… the reason behind their capture by the G.Is is they had planned for a visit to afghanistan…during the U.S ‘invasion’,,,again a must see…

    …al gore’s attempt to convince people on saving energy ..and decreasing carbon emissions has had an effect on me..not that i’ve got a some kind of ‘do whatever you see’ syndrome… it just shakes off the aspect of our cmmon lives and triggers us to think about the future of our kids … i would say al gore uses a lot of numbers… loads of them…jampacks the movie with that..but clearly displays them using simple graphs..(and i love the american accent..its clear)…

    so hmmmm i think there’s already a club that does movie projections right? … lets go for the cine-club..why not local-cine club? or try to make a movie based on university life…? hmm just a suggestion…

    yr2(over and hopefully moving to yr 3)
    commns and journalism..

    p.s – i’m a progressive-tech-house genre lover…anybody interested in sharing some tunes? ive uploaded a 1hour set ..let me know…


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