Writin to say nothin

Hello, am yaveen n this is ze first time that am postin somethin on this site.i find it very interestin n 4 sure i’ll visit it more often to publish what i wanna talk abt.on ze behalf of my class CampusBeachBar (Comms year 1, yes the new kids in the arena!!), i thank Mrs Meetoo for creatin this interactive platform.the final word for my classmates: manz r lexamé la:->

See ya,




4 thoughts on “Writin to say nothin

  1. Hi Yaveen,
    Welcome to the blog.

    Can you tell me whether you sued the password I gave yesterday to post this entry?
    Seems that the password I gave is not working this morning.
    There might be 2 explanations:

    1- Somebody’s playing a prank on us and has changed the password without letting us know

    2- somebody has clicked on ‘Lost password’ to get a new password and did not realise this would change the password and the rest of us would not get access anymore.

    So, in case somebody’s played aprank, I shall have to move this blog elsewhere and put fitlering mechanisms.
    Otherwise, if any of you clicke don ‘lost password’in mistake, please let me know ASAP by sending an e-mail to :



  2. Loin de moi l’intention de jouer au trouble-fête ou même au provocateur, mais je pense qu’on devrait (ou l’administrateur du blog devrait) adopter la règle de limiter le fameux “langage sms” sur les postes. Enfin c’est une proposition que je lance comme ça. Peut-être que ca plaît à certains, on ne sait jamais.

    Amrish (y2)


  3. Je n’ai pas très envie de commencer à mettre des interdictions sur ce blog. Ca risquerait de crisper certains.

    Par contre, je peux faire appel pour que les contributeurs essaient de s’exprimer dans un style accessible à tous… Personnellement, je ne suis pas contre le style texto à doses raisonnables.



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