Temporary problem with the blog

Hi all,

We have had some temporary problem with the blog as someone ‘innocently’ changed the password (I’m sure no offence was meant).

The problem has now been partially fixed.

But I have changed the initial password so that only I can post for the time being.

As I’m still learning my way around WordPress, I’ll figure out how to generate a new password for you to be able to post again direclty (except that I will now retain the priviledge of being an administrator and you will only be authorised authors in order to avoid such problems cropping up again 😉

In the meantime, you may still add comments to existing posts and you may also send me your posts through e-mail and I will put them on the weblog.

See you soon,



2 thoughts on “Temporary problem with the blog

  1. Hi,

    I do think i did the mistake of clisking on the ‘lost password’ at around 10am since i could not sign-in again this morning! Anyway, since you are holdig the reign of this weblog, i guess you will modify it as soon as you re-sign in.



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