You can now post

I have finally been able to solve our ‘login-password’ problem for our collective blog.
I have just sent an e-mail to those whose e-mail address I have to explain how to sign in. Those who have not received it and wish to get the username and password can send me an e-mail.

You are all now given the status of author, which means that you can start posting entries again.
However, since you all have the same username and password, note that all your entries are under the same username. So, please again, sign your name + year of studies.

I would ask you also to be careful about what you do. Please do not touch the profile section and, more especially, do not change the password as your classmates will not be able to post if the password is changed.

Also, do not edit your friends’ posts. If you need to edit, make sure you edit only your own posts.

Finally, you may disseminate the username and password to all your classmates who may not have received this e-mail as well as to any former UoM Communication student you may know. But, please do not give to third parties.

Should you have any queries, just send me an e-mail at or




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