E-narchy in Mauritius

Internet is without doubt, the best example of a successful experiment of anarchy-based society. Anarchy in the anti-authoritarian society sense, that is based on voluntary association of free individuals in autonomous communities, operating on principles of mutual aid and self-governance.

I’d use this definition to describe the website Thisismauritius.

Disclaimer: The website is managed by Mauritians studying/working overseas, so at times the articles are either tainted with nostalgia or some snobbish macro-vision.



10 thoughts on “E-narchy in Mauritius

  1. i did read that article on internnet. but even before compeltimg it, i just rushed into thisismauritius. its wonderful.specially the jokes on balgobin!!


  2. hi,

    can you explain a bit more about this concept of E-Narchy? How come the Mauritians abroad are nostalgic to Mauritius and yet, they remain abroad? where does the concept of Mutual Aid and self-governance fall?

    Excuse my Ignorance!!!Lol!:)

    Zaynah- Yr 4


  3. Welcome onboard Amrish.
    Yeah, it’s an interesting initiative… It’s kind of a mixed sort of agora where there are some people telling jokes, others doing opinion-writing. But. seems also there’s lots of ‘badinage’going on.
    I haven’t yet grasped the idea really so far to make an informed comment.


  4. Ok, i’ve been working for more than 12 hrs now and i’m going to try doing two birds with one stone (no offence meant of course) and try to enlighten things *the way i see it*… So here goes:

    First of all, the term ‘E-narchy’ is a generic term i came up with to try to explain things to myself, and which i chose to use here on this blog. Basically it would be anarchy on the internet. But not, as i mentioned earlier, not the populist anarchy, but a more “without rulers” sense, where those would be financial constraints and other ‘ethical blabla’.

    Second, to answer zaynah, i won’t venture into trying to explain why those Mauritius remain abroad! Studies or better career opportunities would be among personal reasons well beyond my humble capacities i guess.

    Third, the concept of mutual-aid and self-governance reside in the fact that the website isn’t managed solely by what they call the ‘editing team’, but through contributions from hordes of mauritians around the globe, sharing information and resource. Editing team and hierarchy, yes, but still self-governance.

    Finally, as Mrs. Chan-Meetoo rightly pointed out, it’s what we would call a ‘cari mélange’. For beyond the shroud of badinage, the essence of some opinions and articles are quite interesting (the archives are better than what is visible actually). Personally, i am very agnostic/iconoclast, but somehow, i have to admit i’d put the website down the same line as Les Guignols or even Groland, Mauritian version of course.

    Hope i answered to most of the questions that were formulated.
    Till the next ones, cheers



  5. What is published on ‘thisismauritius.com’ reflects the concept of the title itself ‘this is mauritius’: this is what Mauritius is about. Just read the last discussion about Deepa Bhookhun, L’Express Columist, and you will get what I mean. What happens on ‘thisismauritius.com’ is really the sort of infotainment content that many Mauritians like ‘a bit of serious news, with a dose of humour (which is mostly dry and in the form of semiological wars) and a pinch of salt (which rarely leads anywhere)’. Just look at Jessie’s reaction, self-explanatory.

    Mauritians abroad use it as a community channel (I guess), as I don’t know of any other Mauritian community channel at the moment (one that has daily contribution at least)

    Zaynah: “How come the Mauritians abroad are nostalgic to Mauritius and yet, they remain abroad?”

    It is similar to asking why we don’t start to cook food over a wood fire again.

    Sorry if I make it sound bleak, but Mauritius does not ‘seem’ (I’ll be glad if you can prove me wrong) like a place where one can have a guaranteed promising future, if one knows what is happening outside our coastal boundaries (yes, many are successful but you can count them on your fingers, and soon enough, your toes as well if the economy really opens). Surely, I don’t want to say that abroad (UK, France, Canada, Australia, States etc…), a Mauritian will enjoy a guaranteed promising future; But the odds are higher, for the basic infallible fact that opportunities are greater in those continents.

    I don’t know if all Mauritians currently living abroad feel the same, but I feel I can contribute more to my own country by staying outside its limits (Because limitations is one thing that is popular in the country), saying that, the contribution has to be perceivable, and not just for families but to the society/system in general.


  6. I admit this one is my personal favourite, but shh, can’t say that too loud. Deepa Bookhun has a lot of fans around here, and my supreme boss tops the list, for some (obvious) reasons.


  7. What a wonderful concept… e-narchy. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, and this is the first blog of its kind I’ve found and the fact that it emanates from UoM can only be the bearer of excellent news for the country. I’ve sort of navigated my way around here, and it would transpire that Mrs. Meetoo is a key promoter in all this voluntary exchange – hats off to her.

    To comment a little more about this posting here, I thoroughly enjoyed the site too – Amrish is quite right in saying that the archives are a lot better than what is currently on the main page, especially if one takes the time to look. Mixed pot indeed from serious debating to jokes and ‘badinaz’. That said, I find it quite well delimited, with the serious stuff coming under separate sub-headers. It’s indeed refreshing to see such a venture from young minds whether abroad or in Mauritius and let’s hope more contributions reinforce and expand the ideology which seems to be centred around freedom of expression.

    On the content side, thank you for recommending the Deepa Bhookhun article Shaan – I have to say it brought a very wry smile to my face and I would now be equally curious to find out Amrish’s supreme boss. Objectively though, the author seems to have a point if the quoted articles are anything to go by. I’ll certainly be on the lookout for others by said Bhookhun. My weird mind seems to find some sort of twisted humour in there.

    Anyhow, that was but an opinion. C’y’all!


  8. Just happened to skid into this blog off Google and was rather pleasantly surprised to actually find ThisisMauritius being talked about 🙂 – or at the very least raising a few eye-brows.

    Speaking as one of the site’s contributors, along with Shaan (unless it’s a case of mistaken identity), the fundamental “ideology” is exactly what the motto depicts: freedom of expression. There reigns a very strong sense of patriotism within expats, which urges them to act/speak out for their country, yet it seems they’ve seen enough green on the other side to only do so within the comfort zone of their embraced motherland. I reckon that reflects in the definition of e-narchy put forward by original poster here.

    The concept was of course strictly aimed at airing repressed views that otherwise wouldn’t find a proper venting channel. Let’s face it, not many people have the religious discipline to set up a website, let alone a blog or write in to a newspaper so the idea was to do it for them, at the same time leaving a trail for posterity. That said, high level debating, whether serious or satirical, attracts very few these days, ailing Mauritian newsgroups are living proof, which is how the mixed pot offering came along. The rationale is essentially that, while catering for wider needs, we’re able to target a larger audience, however sedentary. It is notoriously hard to find authors, communal effort doesn’t come easy, but resilience should get us there in the end. Hope that clears things up about the mixed-bag concept :). There’s always room for improvement of course, and in terms of functionality, there are a few things we’re looking at, so 2007 may yet bring some more added value.


  9. Hello everybody, I am looking for a website or an organisation where I can have the “coordonnées” of Mauritians who have established abroad. Could someone please help me. Thanx


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