MBC- enfin un nouveau site web :)

hello evryone

I just came across the MBC’s  new website..they have finally understood that it was time for change.. there is no more “bla bla bla’ on the history of TV , radio and so on..its much more appealing… its not an excellent Tv/radio station website..but some new and useful features like sports, news ( but according to their false notion of news or shud i say propaganda  🙂 ? saveur.. des recettes

some local production section.. radio section also is quite good nw..we can request songs to be played and listen to Kool FM , Taal FM live. they have also set some “sondage” and voting for best songs online.there’s also MBC live chat..but didnt check it!!

well just have a look at the new website friendz.. dnt think it will be much of use but still the change was much needed!its much more interactive n user freindly and its only the launching week i assume! some features r still being tested and i think it will be better with time..

enfin 1 bon changement 🙂

ishtiba Yr3


25 thoughts on “MBC- enfin un nouveau site web :)

  1. Ok, it has gone through a change, I agree. For a start, it now contains more information. An effort has been made to showcase some of their local productions and it seems their pride of the moment is: ‘Bonnto Klip’. (However I would like to see more INDEPENDENT local productions, as they tend to be more interesting).

    You can vote for your favourite clips… yeah, that’s useful if you get to watch them, not in my case.

    A live chat section: I think its nice (*boring*) but what would be even better (*not boring*) if they use it during live broadcast debates so that the public can ask the panel members questions… that will be a sweet move from the part of the MBC, if it DARES!!!!

    Vacancies… great, if they still don’t employ people through recommendations by affluent political agents… only then the MBC will be setting a good example of an institution that supports meritocracy (if only).

    Photo gallery… who took those photos, I mean, why do they even bother when the photographer’s standard is so… out of words…

    Sondage… I hope they will use the data they amass from this, if people even bother to give their opinion and if the results are not forged.

    Annonce… I really hope its not meant to sell cars and houses!

    The rest on the left sidebar is basic information, which don’t really mean much for the television station itself. But it’s useful to have them I guess (fills up space on the page and makes it look ‘up to date’ – i.e. if they update it)

    Are the radios online now, because I could not see any live streaming on Safari, Opera, Netscape or Firefox? Does it need Internet Explorer?

    I could not watch the evening news video stream either (before I could watch it, although the quality was below poor as I could barely figure out what was showing, I had to simply listen) I hope when they get the News video stream going again, it will be a better quality video (surely less compressed because many people now have broadband)

    Apart from that, I need to say I am not at all impressed or happy about what has been done to this website.

    Was it all done to make it look better? I don’t think that is going to be enough because it surely does not look any better, specially for the biggest Media Producer in Mauritius. It seems like they slapped something together in 30mins… I mean there is not even an effort to try to make the MBC a brand and give it a proper identity/image. There is not even an effort to establish a colour scheme that represents the station… its all over the place really. The layout job of the subpages looks like it has been given to a toddler who has just found a way to put a 4 piece puzzle together. There is a real lack of layout and design sense. There is none at all if I may say.

    I cannot keep writing, as there is really no hope… I can go on about the MBC putting actual media clips, doing online competitions to find interesting documentary or show ideas, splitting its content into channels (business, entertainment, health, lifestyle, music etc…), letting the public rate the shows, so on and so forth…

    If their hope is to make their website a media portal, then they should get their act together and do things the proper way, and stop acting like bloody enthusiasts and fans who dedicate websites to their idols (even they do better jobs sometimes)

    If those people who design the website took a peek at some other public television websites, it might help then understand where the STANDARD is at the moment (hopefully they will realise we are not in the early 90s still)

    There is no need to go as far as the big Public Service TV stations such as BBC or PBS… just look at Doordarshan in India http://www.ddindia.gov.in/ or SABC in S.Africa http://www.sabc.co.za/portal/site/corporate/ At least they are trying harder!

    Finally, I just remembered the crucial question here, when was the last time I visited the MBC website?


  2. Hi i made an error while connecting to the mbc website( i connected to the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation)Lol….

    well, for an improvement, it is a good start but iit is still in the developemnet stage…

    I also checked the Chatroom: I was the ONLY person online…, so i guessed itis only the launcching phase….

    Does the MBC kno that Public Relations exist? that the MBC should do a good PR activity so that people recognise its services and this website

    I even Voted online? and you kno what it shows me? there was an ‘exaequo for the results display!!!!

    So friends? i think we should prepare us for a more brainwah from the MBC! the website is just a glimpse of all the propaganda that will be projected online now! as if the local TV isnt doing its job VERY ell in showing off Ministers’ News at 19h30….

    anyhow, wat is new abt News in this website? colour features? great dumping of photos!!! but, do show us the ‘stolen’ camera and the bill of HUm Tum/BHi… we would very much appreciate to understand where our contributions are going!

    This website should have at least provided an upgraded Online News Service on an Hourly basis or even less… I forgot: the MBC will have to get ‘recommendations’ from its closest ‘relatives’ to be able to get more of ‘their relatives/close friends’ to work on it!!!! and Of course, without even providing the bureaucratic recruitment through vacancies for the posts!

    NEWS? can the mbc provides a 24h/7 news on its website? No… The Ministers would not have time to sleep at all!!!

    Zaynah Yr-4


  3. I don’t think 24/7 Mauritian news is viable… they can barely keep an audience seated for 30mins of prime time news at 19.30… this tells us a lot about their quality of news coverage. From a more realistic viewpoint, Mauritius is not really ‘hot’ in terms of news… Political news coverage dominates headlines… (that’s not really news) MBC NEWS is like http://www.bbc.co.uk/info/channels/bbc_parliament.shtml (MBC PARLIAMENT NEWS it should be called). So, to fill up the 24/7 news channel, it will be full of stale international news, as MBC cannot really afford to acquire fresh (up to the minute) content. The other crucial thing is the audience. Will it have an audience? I doubt it, although you can never tell. Channels like Al Jazeera, which is now in English and is internationalising itself, will have an audience because they have a niche audience. They have an identity. What identity does MBC news have (I can only hear MBC PARLIAMENT NEWS knocking in my head)

    There was a ‘secret’ project in early 2000 to launch an independent news channel through the ‘private television broadcasting license’, which was supposed to be delivered by IBA… the recruitment of journalists was already ahead and training started to turn them into television journalists… several editors from 2 major newspapers were part of the training… even Ashok Radhakissoon ‘semed’ keen to hear about such a project taking form… but surprise surprise, information leaked that the TV license would not be granted to anyone, and that’s only after information leaked that this news channel was being developed. Of course, the government realised what they were going to be facing and chickened out.

    However, I did talk to another Editor of another daily paper last year and he was going ahead to launch a news channel, with the government behind him, (basically taking news production out of MBC), which would not have been bad as it would have paved a way for the real independent channel, which was on the government’s agenda during the recent elections, but then ‘Forgotten’. However he was not so keen that the Government insisted that BAI be part of this, for obvious funding and payback reasons. But he still was keen to go ahead as he knew BAI had no clue about running a news channel and a television channel… so he would enjoy some freedom.

    Even if this Editor had full political backing from the newly elected government, he quickly realised that he would not be any different from a MBC PARLIAMENT NEWS Channel Model… When did you hear politicians give away something without expecting anything in return? (That’s the sad fact about our political system). Well, he has given up on it and is now running his own business.


  4. hello Zayna n shaan

    good points raised.. firstly i meant that the chage in itself is a good thing.. u shud agree its better than the old one!but wat comes or wil come next will depend enormously on the adminstration of MBC.. wat r the objectives of this website?we wil come to kw bout it more clearly in sme weeks.. another propaganda tool, mere window-dressing or really an effort to change thgs!

    it wil be interesting to compare their “updated” online news with that of our local papers..am more pessimistic about that coz if we analyse the last 2 days headlines we can already see the manipulation behing the news at MBC.

    “Floréal Knitwear:les 800 licenciés recrutés par une dizaine d’usines” titre de l’actu sur le site…alors que l’article est com suit :

    Une dizaine d’usines ont exprimé leur intention d’embaucher les licenciés de Floréal Knitwear. l’intention aseulement ils n’ont pas encore embauché!
    ajourdui otre sujet.. AJAY GUNESS bien sure…t.. biesure ke c important mais nous voyons ke c the news of the day for MBC!

    the new website must indeed be put to effective use nw.. its not only the design or the look that matter.. they shud be able to innovate n make us people participate also.. participative journalism 🙂 i thk dats become my fav term nw lol


  5. Here in UK, Channel 5 has launched this new concept where the public can contribute their news items to the C5 news website, and most importantly, on the C5 television news program as well. This is a really radical way forward. People can film their news piece, even on their mobile phones, edit and submit them via Internet. Of course the C5 editorial team will go through the submissions to filter out ‘junk’ before the appropriate pieces are aired the same day. But they will not change anything from the chosen news items. Now, this is an interesting model of participative journalism.


  6. In France also, TF1 has launched a web site called WAT (We Are Talented), a community platform where people can upload their videos, musical compositions, photos and texts. And apparently, they plan to have a special programme on the TV channel to air some of those videos and maybe even a special channel for WAT.


  7. In France also, TF1 has launched a web site called WAT (We Are Talented), a community platform where people can upload their videos, musical compositions, photos and texts. And apparently, they plan to have a special programme on the TV channel to air some of those videos and maybe even a special channel for WAT.



    ANYWAY, ig you want ot know how NEW MEdia is going on in the world… Just go to this website: http:www.nouvo.ch and you will have lots more information about the newest developments in New Media…



  9. hello Zayna n shaan


    good points raised.. firstly i meant that the chage in itself is a good thing.. u shud agree its better than the old one!but wat comes or wil come next will depend enormously on the adminstration of MBC.. wat r the objectives of this website?we wil come to kw bout it more clearly in sme weeks.. another propaganda tool, mere window-dressing or really an effort to change thgs!

    it wil be interesting to compare their “updated” online news with that of our local papers..am more pessimistic about that coz if we analyse the last 2 days headlines we can already see the manipulation behing the news at MBC.

    “Floréal Knitwear:les 800 licenciés recrutés par une dizaine d’usines” titre de l’actu sur le site…alors que l’article est com suit :

    Une dizaine d’usines ont exprimé leur intention d’embaucher les licenciés de Floréal Knitwear. l’intention aseulement ils n’ont pas encore embauché!
    ajourdui otre sujet.. AJAY GUNESS bien sure….. biesure ke c important mais nous voyons ke c the news of the day for MBC!

    the new website must indeed be put to effective use nw.. its not only the design or the look that matter.. they shud be able to innovate n make us people participate also.. participative journalism 🙂 i thk dats become my fav term nw lol

    Ishtiba Yr3


  10. hello am not a coms student..

    BUt there is something a little annoying about this post, you’re talking about mbc new website.. could some1 please post the link 🙂

    i’ve seen all sorts of links to bbc.. etc.. lol

    but where the link to the site this post is about? 😛


  11. after some time spent looking for the link i finally got it

    well it “Appears” professional

    but there are certaines things really useless in it!!

    Vacancies —> whats its use? when the government changes.. the staff will change!!

    chat?? ——> we must choose a language to chat first then register.. well some1 using dialup and trying to chat on this will run away.. y even bother about to restrict it to registered users only??

    sondage–> well NOT nicely implemenTed.. the problem say i can go on vote for yes or no.. the whole day and the values will keep on increasing.. maybe a system of IP address could be implemenTed.. say some1 conected will be able to vote only once!

    i know ip address can be changed etc.. and but it will at least decrease the number of useless votes from people who have nothing to do.. than keep voting.. i’ve try to vote twice.. they accepted it.. and the vaues actually changed

    BTW.. do you really thing 4 local productions are enough!!!!! i wonder who are the 333 fools who think yes!!!

    and the remaing ones are just links to other websites.. nothing to do with mbc

    So my verdict the left menu is completly USELESS!!! added there just to look good


    1. A Forum

    2. A blog ( where people could actually tell what they think about the stories they present)

    3.A shoutBox ( to post complains or suggestions)


  12. Ishtiba, I think their online news will be nothing more than the ‘elaborated version’ of their TV news. So I don’t think there will be much more interesting or ‘controversial’ news items. You can already see that the content and discourse manipulation of TV news has been followed-through on online news as well.

    I don’t see participative journalism being taken-up by a public institution such as MBC. They have a very strict and complex public service code of practice. It clearly stipulates they should provide the public with information that has been edited so that it does not contravene ethical, social, cultural, gender and national values ‘incarnated’ in the multi-(cultural, social, faith) population of Mauritius.

    Therefore, participative journalism is never going to be accepted at the MBC. We will have to wait for another television news platform, which is not restricted by a public service broadcasting code, to see some participative journalism taking form.

    Vicks, the same applies to your blog, forum and shoutbox ideas. They are very good suggestions but I think we should not ‘dream’ of MBC ever going ahead with such ideas. This will simply be the catalyst for their ‘self-extermination’. (If they do go ahead and let the public interact with them, they will make sure the blog, forum and shoutbox are monitored and heavily edited 24/7 by a team of MBCists). I do hope though that some idiot at the MBC does implement those ideas. Then we can start the countdown for the explosion of the MBC.


  13. @ Shaan..
    i completely agree with your views 🙂

    MBC being the sole Tv station in Mauritius has to cover and provide shows for in several different languages and the STRICT and complex code of pratice code you mentioned again makes it difficult

    BUT MBC can at least provide some more local productions!!!! 4 local productions on maybe 6 channels .. is by far not enough!!!!

    LOCAL GAME SHOWS???? still can’t be found..

    HARDTALK like shows!!

    MBC will sink completely when a new TV station sets up in Mauritius.. its only then i think they will really try to put in some good efforts to improve…!!


  14. Hi Shaan, Ishtiba and evryone who is making this blog very lively,
    Exams p donne bal ici, et enplus travail aussiii…. la fin l’annee la…
    anyways, the MBC website will never provide a blog or a forum coz they know their ministers will be down in a time of seconds….
    how abt our radios? i mean the national ones? dont u think there is NEED FOR A BIG CHANZMENT?
    will write more after exams…


  15. I think national radio stations (owned by MBC) are bound by the same code that restricts the MBC. The private radios don’t have much of a chance either because they have the IBA looming and policing them. I think blogs and forums will have to be run by independents. Maybe we need someone to setup a blog that analyses/assesses/critics/praises the content from all the different Mauritian media, and then creates a dialogue through public contribution to the blog.

    Good luck for your exams. Here I don’t have exams but have loads of essays, presentations, projects and reports to submit. Sometimes I wish we were just given an exam at the end of the semester.


  16. National radios well, there has already been a “Big chanzment”
    After in the introduction of the private stations.. MBC radio has improved a lot..

    Recruiting top animaters like Neelam Sharma 😉


  17. Shaan..
    i can assure you that exams nt better… am fed up wiz exams had 4 exams in 1 week 😦 i prefer “essays, presentations, projects and reports”… I HATE EXAMS!!! 🙂

    As for the MBC …the problem is with the MBC ACT itself..they have cater for all the different categories of the population! i think this shud not be the cae anymor..The MBC ACT shud be amended but of course no government wil come with that proposition..there r so many provisions in the ACT that shud be changed..

    As for the national radios, there have been quite a “SANZMAN” like Viccks said..bbut dats not enough..often there are ideas, innovation from the younger ones at the radio station but nthg can be done…n out of frustration most of those persons reaction is like that: ” why shud i bother after all ” i just do my job n get paid for it! “


  18. Hi all,
    Wow! i see there’s some activity in here!
    As far as the MBC is concerned, I think that the MBC Act is just an excuse and they use it very conveniently to justify any failures to satisfy our expectations.
    Though it is of course an obsolete piece of legislation and there have been numerous recommendations to review it (e.g. the Glover report), the main reasons why MBC will remain unsatisfactory is that the MBC is perceived as being the golden chalice of whoever happens to hold the reins of the country.
    So that whoever gets to power will be content with nominating poeple who will play by their rules or at least will never do anything to displease them.
    I think the MBC is capable of doing better but nobody has ever really established a precedent of daring to do well, be it terms of journalistic reporting (I’m not even talking about investigation, that would be going too far;), intelligent ‘animation’, artistic creation, etc.
    In any case, I’m not too sure that private media (specially the radio) are doing that much better either; they’re slightly better but not as good as they could have been. The race for populist treament is a major brake.
    M’enfin, at the same time, as some people would say, it’s also a question of what people like. Nous avons les politiciens que nous méritons d’avoir. Quelque part, nous avons aussi les médias que nous méritons d’avoir. Tant pis pour ceux qui veulent être plus exigeants car ils sont moins nombreux…



  19. By announcing it will provide 12 channels, the MBC confirms it is frightened by the introduction of’ My.T’, and more importantly, it fears that this will open opportunities for independent channels to emerge and provide content that Mauritians really want to watch. This will pull the MBC audience to those independent channels and the advertisers will follow.

    With 12 channels, MBC is hoping to keep its audience reach and it thinks that by dumping 12 channels on Mauritians, we will be spending our time zapping among the MBC channels and will spend less time on the other independent channels.

    This way, the MBC can ensure advertisers it still has a considerable audience reach so that they continue advertising on the MBC channels.

    Mo kroire MBC inne fou.


    (article on http://www.lexpress.mu – Lundi 4 décembre 2006)


    “La MBC offrira 12 nouvelles chaînes télé
    Ça va zapper ! La Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) prévoit d’ajouter douze nouvelles chaînes télé à son répertoire, dont certaines pourrront être payantes. S’il lui était, jusqu’ici, impossible d’offrir ne serait-ce qu’une seule nouvelle chaîne, un développement qui aura lieu en janvier devrait permettre cette ouverture.”


  20. Shaan, I had a similar reaction to yours when I saw this in L’express yesterday as main headline.

    However, I think that the headline ‘La MBC offrira 12 nouvelles chaînes télé’ is a puff coz when you read the text carefully, you’ll see that the MBC is more probably effectively launching 4 new channels and not 12:

    ‘Quatre projets retiennent l’attention : une chaîne du savoir, avec une partie du temps d’antenne allouée au Mauritius College of the Air, une chaîne sportive (deux chaînes thématiques souhaitées par la MBC depuis environ un an), une troisième consacrée au cinéma, avec des films plus ou moins récents et une autre dite “interactive” qui permettra de surfer sur le Net.’

    That’s what I call ‘une subtile tromperie sur la marchandise journalistique’

    The funny thing is that they are clearly against the idea of giving one of the other 8 channels to a private operator as they say it would not be commercially profitable…
    Yet, they think they can levy a new licence fee for the extra channels (‘Le contenu, ça coûte cher et nous ne pourrons pas tout offrir, toutes ces nouvelles chaînes, au même prix’, says Jangheerkhan).

    As for the education channel, they had come to UOM some months back to propose that our lectures and conferences be aired on that hypothetic channel. The attitude was ‘everything can be done, we’ll just put a camera + mike in the lecture hall or classroom so that thousands of people can also benefit from your lessons’ And our management were absolutely enthused (they have no clue about audiviosual language, so I don’t really blame them)!!! Talk about making visually and pedagogically interesting TV programmes, hey?



  21. Ah… Nôtre chère MBC! C’est comme parler de la pluie et du beau temps: il y a toujours quelque chose à dire sur elle 😉 Not surprising that there is “quite some activity in here!” as Christina puts out 🙂

    Je vous épargne les éternelles remarques (évidentes) sur la partialité habituelle de la MBC dans le traitement de l’ “information” et sur le fait que la situation a empiré avec la nouvelle direction (c’est vraiment “L’Empire contre-attaque” et un basculement du côté Obscur de la Force 😉 Ce qui me mène à réagir aux posts de Shaan sur les 12 chaînes et sur MyT.

    Nice to read u Shaan. The additional MBC channels would probably use digital broadcasting, using the frequency space freed by MCVision after stopping its analog terrestrial broadcasting on two channels. Those frequencies are, theoretically and ideally at least, State property, managed by ICTA and granted to operators by IBA. Will the procedure be sticked to? The MBC has the will (at least it says so) to use more frequencies to broadcast new channels. With what content? For which purpose? All this has still to be defined? Unfortunately, the appeal of IBA some years back, for expression of interest of private companies to run TV channels on the national network, led to only one such “expression of interest” (from Zee). So, will the MBC still be the sole TV service airing in the Mauritian territory (let’s not forget Rodrigues, and event the outer islands) in the years to come? Time will tell. And money will tell: a private channel project is costly and has to generate profits. And what about the content generally, apart from local news and reports? Private channel Antenne Réunion in the ‘Ile-soeur’, airs mainly, with some days’ delay, programmes from private French channels, that can be watched live on the satellite ‘bouquets’.

    About MyT. I don’t think MBC has to be ‘frightened’ by MyT. Till now at least. MyT is a combined ADSL/Video package from MT. Its audiovisual contents till now is made up of MBC programmes (through catching the digital terrestrial TV signal) and some local productions and foreign movies (paid for, from about Rs 10 to about Rs 75 per programme). Not enough to provide a real change from the government-geared information by MBC. To this month at least, no private operator, local or foreign, had reached any agreement with MT to beef up the MyT video offer. Some contents of satellite “bouquets” aired on the island were tentatively announced when the MyT project was presented. But nothing aired till now. Subscribers numbers to MyT till now is about 8 000 (official figures, but then, have to really check them). And then, without trying to inpute motives, one can ask if the mighty MT would allow really independent (and potentially anti-government) content providers to reach the MyT subscribers with ‘negative’ information on the rulers of the day. That is, the same rulers who run the major shareholder of MT (the State), who put one of their party figures and campaign managers in the seat of MT CEO… and who choose the Chairperson and Board members of the regulating bodies of the sector. Again, no negative assumption from my part, but the question has to be asked…

    Yes, and one last about MBC: if any of you missed the Bijaye Madhou ‘show’ at the RFI launch last week (with Fareed Jangeerkhan playing supporting character), try to catch up in the press reports and opinions. Quite some matter to chew up for u gals and girls analysing media independence from power and doing political communication. On that matter too: the political circus and ‘vraies-fausses rumeurs’ on special Cabinet meeting, change of ministers and Leader of the Opposition, etc, with the media carried in the maelstrom.

    Keep it up for the years or weeks to come (i.e, if u r in Y1 or Y4 :-p

    (ex-Com grad 2006)


  22. Hi Gilbert…

    thats a real good analysis of our MBC and the MyT offer…

    and let me tell you something, the MyT offer is still quite expensive for the Mauritian population who still have a low internet penetration a haut debit! and above the MyT connection fees, they will have to ‘borrow’ the film(video on command)…

    Of course, there is a price to pay! and if the govt cant afford to make Mauritius a CyberIsland, so let us live as peaceful and un-artificial as we use to live before…

    when they cant bring change, better leave change to come naturally and not in a forceful manner whereby the population will be at a lost…

    Talking about Digital TV: Just ask an old person what he/she understands by Digital? now, think of the Television Age(some +50yrs back)… People were amazed by the invention and took proper care of the apparel.. what is happening nowadays? Digital doesnt create this same amazement and people are even afraid to touch a new Tv Set…tention kitchoz casser la-dans et apres pa kave arranzer (parski perna ban ti techniciens couma avant)!

    Anyway, Bijaye Madhoo is like a sleep-walker…. he is always sleeping and beeming in that posture especially when he is photographed! have to Change-Man!

    enfin, Pa p kave trouve letemps to keep the studies up… avec letemps service dans travail responsabilites augmenter… Dissertation mem mo croire mo pa pou render sa semester la…

    Anyways, continuer to write interesting things and by the way, why dont u POST Something real interesting on this blog? like an Editorial???… Mo aprecier to ban editorials lor le Mauricien…



  23. I think the MBC has to frightened for the long term. The MyT development might not be a threat, but it suggests democratization of television broadcasting is possible through alternative distribution, other than terrestrial broadcast, and at a much lower cost. This opens up the platform to smaller producers.

    The international trend is for media distribution to converge onto one platform, the internet. Mauritius is not very big, it can be relatively cheap to supply all the residential areas with WIFI, and WIMAX in the near future. All you need is for the market to spring up. And I personally think it should not take a very long time to surface, maybe another 5-7 years. Budget PCs are going to start making their entry in Mauritius. The technology for transferring a video signal from a PC to a TV is here and it is getting cheaper as the days go by. Watching downloaded or streaming content on television is here and its spreading.

    The MBC needs to look at future scenarios, and not just a 3-5 year forecast. It should take some example from the BBC which went through its total transformation when the 2 independent channels, ITV & C4 emerged. And now with the convergence threatening all terrestrial broadcasters in the UK, they are all transforming again while internet media distribution is gaining ground very fast. Advertising revenues for online media is exceeding advertising revenue for terrestrial television. This is the very factor that determines reach for the different media channels.

    MBC never had a competitor, so it does not not know how to behave as a competitive broadcaster. This is its weakness. It surely does not know how to manage talent as it has been the monopoly so far. It is also a very rigid body with a rather traditional & conformist management attitude, which is extremely detrimental when it comes to a changing environment. For the MBC to steer itself into the new era & philosophy of media distribution, it will require a lot of time, a slicing of the whole top management, a complete re-structuring of its middle management, more training for the personnel, a new corporate culture, more cooperation than governance etc… New producers will be more apt to adapt to the new media cultures as they will be much smaller and more productive.

    The reason why only Zee expressed interest, and that after the 2nd open pitch notice from IBA, is that the 3 local contenders who had plans to form a consortium for the private TV, gave up on it as it was clear the government was not going to let it happen. The 2nd notice was just a ‘show’ to give the illusion that both IBA & the Government were keen on the private television. The 1st open pitch notice, where the private radios were pitched to the panel, was when the private television projects were to be pitched. But 4 days before it happened, those who had registered to deliver their pitch were informed that the private television will not be given the go ahead even if it was pitched. So none of the projects were pitched.


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