The video Game Culture…

just saw this video on the net..its about the evolution of video games.The main idea is that video games have changed tremendously & got greater aestethic appeal but are much  more violent…All the recipes r there to make us addicts..

This multi-billion dollar industry is only concerned about profits, not the impatcs that these games have on our youth and eventually on society..

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15 thoughts on “The video Game Culture…

  1. What do people think of the recent online gaming revolution. Games like establish this idea of a virtual world where the gamers have virtual identities. That world even has an economy and a currency, the Linden dollar. With US$1, you can buy around L$270 (and the exchange rate fluctuates as any other real exchange rates). You will need L$ to buy land, clothes, food, houses, cars etc…, for your virtual character to have a virtual life and interact with the 1,755,704 other virtual characters (other gamers around the world). Just to have an idea of land prices in secondlife: 2,048 m2 = US$15.

    A woman called Ailin Graef, has made US$ 1 million, through her virtual character, Anshe Chung, who is a property developer on secondlife. In real life, Ailin Graef employs 10 people to manage her virtual life business. Any thoughts on that?


  2. One thing is not clear about secondlife.. can we change the money made in the virtual character back to real money??? 😛

    Its seems like “The sims”.. but only online..

    Back to Ishtiba’s post.. well people should move with technology.. and actually its the games world that is helping to develop new pieces of hardware(Graphics card)

    Now don’t tell me that games are too violent for kids.. i just don’t agree that if some kids does some stupid stuff.. we should blame the media.. or game developers…

    ITS PARENTS that are responsible for their kids.. what they are playing and what they are watching.. 😛


  3. suis sure ke t un fana de ces jeux toi! 🙂
    wel just for your information games are made in such a way so as to make more profits..more aesthetical appeal and effects to make the players feel part of the game. the identification process in war games/ point-of-view games especially r so harmful as players r said to take the shooter’s point of view and thus killing is fun.. we become active participants and even derive pleasure out of killing..dats more harmful as players develop more agressive behaviours ( especially for youngsters) .. of course they dont go on killing but they r more agressive..

    Secondly, do you think dat parents r really responsible, can they really watch every move of their child ?

    but of course not all games that bad! am more against the war/shooting games…



  4. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not against these video games. Of course, there’s always the danger that the kids will become addicts. But, if they have a balanced life with a good mixture of a varitey of activities including reading, watching films, physical exercises, playing with friends, dancing, discussing, etc. all’s well…
    Nintendo’s new Wii looks quite interesting in fact coz it apparently makes people sweat out as the console has inbuilt motion sensor for playing the games.
    Check out:
    It looks fun actually!

    Here’s also an article in Le Monde:,1-0@2-651865,36-841671@51-841565,0.html



  5. fouf… i seem to be a little much ‘retarded’ in the online video games sector…
    one day, i went to a cyber to test for a game(since i still have dial-up service at home)… My God, u kno wat? Cyber Cafes in Mauritius is a PATRIARCHAL INSTITUTION….
    i was the only girl in the cafe… as if am not allowed for a game while living in mauritius.. i do think that people and cybercafes owners have yet to democratise the access to internet for women in this country whereby we r dreaming of a cyberisland!
    fouf, am still waiting to test an online game…
    Poor me, Zaynah…


  6. bien sure ya pas de prob du moment ke les enfants font d’autres activités…c dangereux lorsque les jeux deviennent la priorité des enfants et kan ils s’isolent et vivent dans un monde virtuel.
    am only against war games…mais ya d’aute jeux ki sont vraiment interessants…i even enjoyed playing FIFA game wen was at school..


  7. Viccks, yes the money you make in secondlife can be exchanged into real money. It works like that, you and all the other players have to use real money to buy linden dollars. So you buy land and build houses and then you sell it to others with a profit margin. All those transactions are in linden dollars. So whenvever you want to change your linden dollars into real money, you can.


  8. wowwww Seconglife brings online gaming to a brand new level.. But i fear people will be playing and trying to find a way to crack the game code or try to cheat in the game..

    its will be tough as i imagine the security levels will be really high..

    But hackers like challenges.. 🙂

    @ zaynah .. lol as you told no one threw you out of the cyber 😛
    if you want some online experience..
    try register for (lots of games are availabe)

    Cybercafes are really pack up these days coz its schools holidays et bannes Zenes like LAN parties 🙂

    else i played a lot of ogame ( was addicted to it ) more of than on my blog

    BUt server and online games has become very popular despite not having great graphics.. 🙂


  9. Well at first i didn’t want to enter this debate, myself being a confessed-gaming addict. But now even if i’m far from the 8hrs-a-day Counter Strike/Diablo 2 (i was in an overseas championship team training/playing till 4am *everyday*), i’m taking games to the university or even at work!

    I gaming – and I – have evolved to a more subtle phenomenon today, known as the MMOBB (Massively Multiplayer Online Browser Based). In these games, you don’t need special software/hardware to play, you only need a browser, IE or Firefox or Opera.

    Since february 2006, I came to know about an online strategy game called Ogame ( through a friend. I signed up and went there a couple of times, and today i’m utterly addicted to it, as i’m a “joueur de competition”, being ranked 600th among more than 10 000 players! I constantly have a firefox tab open at work or at home, checking on my battle fleets and metal/crystal mines’ production etc.

    The problem – or blessing – is that the game is totally free! So there is no constraints to the level of involvement of the players in it. If ever you want to check it out, feel free. I usually joke about the intensity and complexity of the game, saying that one should be given a diploma in management at the end of it! Honestly, the level of strategy and planning it requires is astounding.

    If you feel the game is too complicated to grasp at first, i have other MMO’s i’ve been through, namely football fantasy (where you manage a team of your choice and set up tactics and things) or WORSE, where you are a farmer, grow virtual crops and have to raise a pig till it’s fat enough to go to the butcher! The last time i went there, they even introduced the concept of a wolf that would kidnap your pig or crows/grasshoppers/worms that eat out your crops if you don’t have the necessary protections.

    I’ll stop here, as I could go on and on with all the games i’ve been through! If ever you feel bored on the Internet want some kind of ‘evasion’, just let me know!


  10. WOW Andriana!!.. to ine vraiment mank travail zordi pu to resi vin lor blog et en + post a comment n entry lors Aids tout :)…good improvement LOL.. am getting bored at home! no more revision more coloured papers for our summarized notes et pa blier ramasse to cahier arc en ciel now 🙂 ( i mean to ban fichiers “multicolor” pu module LAW) …hahaha

    n next time sign ur post..


  11. am a gamer too..
    mais je fais une cure de desintoxication..
    i already got over ogame since long..
    i think in some way
    game addiction is better than any other addiction..(thought all kinda of addiction is unsafe for health…)


  12. jeux video..télé…cinéma…journaux…bandes dessins…VIOLENCE…des mots..des gestes..des pensées…des cultures…des religions…des politiques..des fois..Fam Tibzzz…la violence est partout….ou on aprend a la dominer ou on se fait bouffer par elle…ce monde est violent!!! a nous de rétablir l’équilibre…pacificateurs ke l’on est!!! :P.. mais n’oublie pas k’un de nos grands amis..(pfff!!) a dit : Tout est relatif!!…


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