Merry xmas n happy new year.

    hello guys,how u doin? ki rol?yes i no, end of year parties r everywhere.Just like the number of people on the streets.

yesterday i was in port louis at around 15hrs  and i could nt believe my eyes. sa kantité dimoune ki lor simé la, unbelievable. place pa ti ena pou marsé. needless to mention ze INNOCENT sun that was hangin there only to provide sunlight to leaves to perform photosynthesis.Elders have said that” soleil leve pou tou dimoune, ou pa kapav bar soleil ou kamarad”. Mai sa kalité soleil la grand, non merci.

Walk from la gar victoria till bazaar and you ll no wat am talkin abt. sans oublier ban pick pocket, marsan ambulant and all the vehicles moving around.

some days back i noticed police officers chasing ze hawkers. il y avait même des ” guard bâton”. but now, all of a sudden, they have the green light. is it so because our prime minister is abroad for his annual “medical check up”?

it is also sad to note the number of dead on our streets this year :around 120 till now. i personally think thatles autorités and their campaigns are not a la hauteur. Saying ” stop l’alcool au volant” is not enough. In my opinion tackling ze issue by putting in emotions would have yield better results. Say by showing pictures of children who are orphans today because their parents have been killed in accidents and by including heart shattering temoignages. unfortunately this is not the case. ze persons earning fat income derived from PUBLIC funds to discourage l’alcool au volant and reduce accidents have only this to say:” stop l’alcool au volant.”

Well i hope u ll b careful on the roads. merry xmas and happy new year to you all.





6 thoughts on “Merry xmas n happy new year.

  1. Hi yav,

    thank god you had time to wish us Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year (p croise ledoight toujours la….i do wish so for 4th yr commn students!!!!)….

    anyway, lafoule la pa ti diminuer ditout dans pl juska minuit et 1hr dumatin… Soleil la ti p continuer tappe encore fort mem apres 7hr tanto… some places in Plaine-Verte that may be you know, like Larue Magon [from Renaissance St to Paul&Virginie St], La Rue Ti-Pamplemousses, Larue Desforges, were over-over-crowded from 9am till after midnight guys… Baap, Ki Kantite dimoune kave aster coumsa do????

    Pa bisin dire ki lafoire Cite Martial ti fini 15hr @samedi le 23dec….

    anyway, besides pick-pocketing, l’alcool, etc… ena 1 kitchose ki appel ‘attouchements’… and this happen especially during festive periods and where there is ‘big crowds’… bane la nek trapper, passe 1 lamain et sauver… and you will never know who he/she was…

    Anecdote: it was the night of the 24th December 2003 at Khadafi square- the Fair at Magon St, i did happen to see a guy get a good pair of ‘clak’ from a woman and who he didnt even ‘intentionally’ touch, he was found guilty as he was at that moment standing behind the woman…. and you kno wat? the one who really passed a hand on the woman’s A*** was quietly slipping among the people as if nothing happend… So beware Girls…

    Anyway, the end of year is always a period of festive but we should not forget all those people who are suffering around the world, be it from War or Poverty or Natural Catastrophes and we must not also forget the Tsunami od Dec2004…

    Always have a thought for them, even when you are eating…

    Best Wishes for this New Year

    And May God Bless us



  2. Belated Xmas to you all…n Happy new Year n “Eid Mubarak” too

    I happened to be in port louis on the 23rd..:-) 1 maree humaine juska truv sime ditou!! trop de marchands ambulants. .le gouvernement doit trouver 1 solution a ce prob! Heureusement mo pa habite laba et en+ dan 1 chaleur insuportable…



  3. hi there,

    @yaveen: thx. i will contact u soon

    @Ishtiba: hey pa dire coumsa de port-louis… et mo donne toi full rasion pour ban marchands ambulants parski asterla li vine vrement impossible pou marche trankil lor chemin sans ki 1 marchand p approche toi pou vende 1 kitchoz ki to pa bisin…

    Mais ena fois mo chagrin ban ti marchands la…(ki pou fer? lecoeur fam la coumsa mem sa!!!) kan mo trouve ban marchands p vende ‘brosse a dent’ 3@Rs10 et couteau @Rs10 et pa trouve aucaine dimoune p aster… ena fois mo demande moi si zot gagner mem profit….

    enfin, pa cause ban marchands pantalons et blouses et sac-a-mains la… zot fer profit plis ki magasin… just think: in pl, they do not have to pay the municipality permits, the electricity bill, the water/waster water bill, zot perna pou paye 1 extra fee tout les 3 mois au govt, renewal of trade licence, etc et lorla zot plainer mem… demande ban ki ena magasin couma marchands ambulants p gate le vrai commerce.. et pa vine dire moi ki soleil p leve pareil pou tout dimoune…

    anyway, mo esperer ki 1 jour mo arrete trouve sa ban ‘eye-sore’ cot lagare victoria, al rue john kennedy, la gare le nord, larue la corderie, la rue remy-ollier dans port-louis.. May God Bless my Prayer… Ameen

    mo reste p-verte moi… et mo dire ou, sa soleil la., li pa pareil partout sa.. mo prefere reste dans mo grand buro aircond 8hr30-16h30 ki sorti ale fer shopping larue lacorderie et lagare victoria… et pa bisin dire ki mo reste plaigne sa chaleur la kan mo reste lacaz pendant week-end…

    1 dernier ti remark: ban marchands “Manzer”…. mo lizier ine fatiguer are trouve banc ‘fausse’ sawarma poulet…. et mo nose ine plin are respire sa poulet ki p griller/chauffer fausse fausse lor sa stand la…. Eski zot koner mem cuit sa???



  4. hello,
    i d like to add somethin concernin les marchands ambulants{M.A} : thes guys earn a lot of money and as zaynah points out, their cost are bien tigit.i still remem a caricature in a weekly. a guy is a M.A and is the owner of a BMW at the same time.he displays his large variety of goods on the car.Remem?

    and the others who sell brosse a dent , lasé soulier n taftaline work in reseau and i dont think they are workin for profit. may b they r doin that for their daily ‘dose’ or lookin for an easy prey to pick pocket.

    the govt had a solution for that prob but it seems that these M.A font komm bon leur semble. they were given stalls at ruisseau le pouce, but they said NO. N the losers r bann magasins.
    marsan manzer osi mone trouv ambulant. zot met mine frire dan ti plastik apre zot vann sa dix roupies.

    one last thing- plouis is the capital of mauritius: li pa kapav dirty koumsa.saleté kot ou gueté. toilet piblik pa kozé.dimoune prefere tini tini e alle toilet caudan ki servi toilet la gare victoria.

    Yr1 comms.


  5. Hi Yaveen

    sorry to respond so late about what you said. Indeed, P. Louis is a very busy place, all sorts of trade etc, without forgetting les ‘marchands ambulants’. But i think the problem of marchands ambulants is just like the problem of ‘taxis marrons’. it will never end, whatever the startegy adopted by any government.

    You imagine, today, we can easily create an association to have power and exert pressure on the government, for example, it’s funny, but we have in our country, ‘Street Vendors’ Association’, ‘Association Taxi Maléré’ and others. So, i personally believe whenever a person is doing something illicit, you can easily create an association and put pressure on the government.

    It has also become a culture in Mauritius, ‘Greve de faim’, whatever be the problem, you go on protest and if the government does not agree, then ‘greve de faim’. So, people have accepted the culture of ‘greve de faim’ which somewhat helps to solve your problem.

    Another thing that you talked about is the campaign against ‘l’alcool au volant’. I think that the concept of ‘BOB’ by the ministry was a very good thing. It was a very good initiative, but i had put this practice since i got my licence, five years back. Last December, on the 29th, we had our end of year party of our football team. We enjoyed a lot, though i drank only juice and coke on that day. However, all other friends were drunk, as they know, i was ‘Bob’, on that day. After the party, i drove all of them safely back home.

    I think that not everyone is conscious about the consequence of ‘l’alcool au volant’. Many people still drink and drive putting the lives of innocent people in danger. Campaigns against ‘l’alcool au volant’ should continue all the year round and not only during festive periods.

    I’ll stop here. May 2007 be a year of success for evevyone.

    Yr 1, comms.


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