Bond, James Bond


Saturday last I went to see this flick at Star3 Caudan. The Martin Campbell film started with less than 50 persons in the house. I was wrong wen I thought that I must b at least 30 mins before the scheduled time to secure a ticket.

I like the film and I give it a 00 7 stars rating. Daniel Craig is perfect in the MI6 agent role. Albeit the small role that Eva Green has, she is magnificent. Le Chiffre with his larmes de sang is dangerously good.

This movie sticks to its scenario and does nt show off. I explain: money is spent intelligently on the famous James Bond gadgets except for the Aston Martin that is crashed in the film. Aster mo konpran y Navin fell for that wow car.

The producers have wisely spent their money on beautiful outdoor locations namely Madagascar, The Bahamas etc. And see the final product: edge-of-the-seat action, beautifully written screenplay n gripping dialogues [( sa me grate un peu…vous voulez bien) for those who have seen the film], a handsome Bond and a delicious Eva Green.

Of course there r some flaws and after seein the film for the third time, I ve been able to unveil some. The stunts that r done by the Bond double are beautifully executed for e.g the crane sequence in Madagascar. But in some scenes we can see the face of the stuntman. The stuntman s face is not well camouflaged.

Secondly I personally think that some spicy sexy scenes are lackin in the flick. Those who r expectin hot scenes vont rester sur leur faim🙂

This is the first film I ve seen this year and I like it despite the cost (Rs150 ticket price + popcorn + coke +pizza). Now pa koné si pou gagne letemps go to ciné wiz la rentrée behind the door and work.


See ya,



Yr 1.


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  1. Rs 150 ticket hmm.. pe vine cher de plus en plus

    bein ena culture club i think at uom.. bizin try and tombe ene arrangement avek banens cinE.. ki comme quoi.. students uom gagne discounts 😛 ti pou movais cool

    bein mo pas trouve banens clubs at uom fer aucun demarch quoi ke ce soi pou fer la vie banens etudiants vine pli bon..

    lol.. plitot mo pas coze computer club la mem.. i think li pena president mem la.. 😛

    else there seems to be a problem with the pic and some tags on the post


  2. yep i ve had some prob to upload a casino royale pict from my desktop.
    ticket 150 for one person only viccks. aster si to p amene enn ti 35, lakaisse defoncé:-]
    to b confirmed :eski gagne discount kot pizza hut r student iD?
    cine klub at uni??!!zamais inn tane parlé.ki li faire?i think i remem a post from mme christina talkin abt some ciné club.



  3. Hi Yaveen,

    glad to hear you commenting on a film but there is still some other points to look at in the film, and am sure you will learn about them in Year2 and Year 3, speciallly when you will do Audivisual Production, Media Style, and Aspects of Film Theory…

    however, let me tell you some other perspective from which a film is being analysed:

    The Mise En Scene…
    it is the way the scenes are constructed. You look at the Dominating Characters, then the Secondary Characters, The lighting, The Framing(open or close framing or tight framing), The Backlights, The Positioning(middle, left or right) and the Background/Foreground, The Colours Used, The Shots( Close-Ups, Birds-Eye-View, Medium Closeups, Extreme Close-ups, etc), The Sounds.. and then you analyse how these factors affects or build the quality of a film or a particular scene…

    and even the colour of the costumes also count in analysing the moods of the characters in a film… nothing is left out… evrything has a meaning in a film.. like the red colour may mean blood as well as love/romance…

    I am sure that the Bsc Comm-Yr 4 still remember Dr Perry’s class and A Christmas Carol….

    @yaveen: it’s a yr since i last went to Cine.. ti ale guet La Legende de Zorro le 5Jan06… mais mo pa ti paye ticket ni manzer… haha…

    Zaynah- Yr4


  4. audivisual production abein tousa zafer la fer at uom??

    are students asked to make their own production or something?? seems interesting!!


  5. hello evryone!!

    I saw “The Devil wears Prada” during holidays..was cool, comedy. Maybe will analyze the film later 🙂

    @ vicks
    ya we hav audiovisual production as an elective at UOM…its more for Coms students. Was really interesting module we learned about analyzing films and even had a practical test: Simulation of an interview like on TV…but we used only 1 camera..

    bit unfortunate dat we dont get enough time to make some we r part timers



  6. hmmm,

    yeah Vicks.. we are asked to produce our own small video/production as assignments(50%) that counts for the examinations…

    as for our group, we did our module of AudioVisual Production at the MBC… only some basic theory classes were done at UoM… sinon, ti bien seryer, surtout ki nous ti gagne 1 lecturer gato in the person of Mr Amick Teeluckdharry…..

    Ban ki choisir Journalism gagne pou ale fer ban reportages cot MFDC.. sa aussi mo croire li depende lor University arrangements and availabilty of lecturers… etc…



  7. would be nice if you could stream the videos and post it via youtube or something 🙂

    i believe it would in a way help coms students in lower levels and also would be great to hear comments from the general public (non-comstudents ) 😛

    Something is wrong somewhere at uom..
    you are trained to comment and criticise on all sorts of factors (theory)
    But when it comes to practical you are ask only to produce a simple interview??


  8. It’s a good thing that audiovisual production & film theory are taught on this course, as at least some people in Mauritius will know how to appreciate cinema…

    Do you also learn about editing (not just the technology, but the art of storytelling through invisible cut, jump cut and juxtaposition, 1+1=3)?


  9. Je ne fais pas l’apologie du piratage, but I found a better deal: Casino Royale DVD at Rs 50 in the streets of Port Louis. It might not match the cinema theater experience of course, but at that price, I get to watch it as often as I feel like and I think it’s well worth the deal.


  10. faire enn film c mari interessan. i had seen la seance des jeunes réalisateurs and i think k’on peu faire mieux. but many a times les realisateurs r predictable. writin enn scenario bien ficelé would b a gd start.

    @ yumn
    was at star ciné for entertainment mo pran enn mine r moi dan la salle et mo kommens koz mise en scene, positioning, backlight,close up, lighting… r li, to koné ki li pou dire moi?
    “eh guette to film to mem, mo pa interessé. pa lakoz tone paye mo billet ki to bizin vine faire lectures r moi dan lasalle. BYE.” :()

    But i take note of ze terms u ve mentioned and next time while watchin a movie ALONE, i ll pay attention to them.

    yav 1.


  11. @changingpictures

    i forgot to mention abt editing as well…we do also learn about Editing as well at UoM and our group had the chance to participate to our mini film editing at the MBC with its newly acquired editing equipment!

    now i know better how to produce a mini interview at our national studio A at the MBC as well as a mini document…

    @yaveen… hmmmm, dimoune la ti gagne nerf kan mo ti p explik li ban techniques en scenes la.. haha



  12. It’s people like ‘Amrish’ who help piracy propagate in Mauritius. These people are in complete lack of decency and are totally unscrupulous.

    Amrish: ‘Je ne fais pas l’apologie du piratage’…
    So what are you doing then when you are supporting piracy?



  13. @Zaynah
    My personal experience of watching a film while dissecting it is that you end up not connecting with the story & miss on the whole ‘storytelling technique’ aspect, which is much more important than ‘mise en scene’, cinematography & production design. As a matter of fact, if you watch ‘dogme 95’ films, you will understand how storytelling through characterization & editing can be much more successful than elaborate filmmaking.


  14. hi to u all,


    a group in our class did make a presentation about ‘dogme 95’ which i didnt understand that well… but well, styles do count.. i think Pulp Fiction plays on some jumps cuts quite well…

    you are right to say that with what we have learned it is impossible to clealy appreciate a film(even the dumbest one)…and i find it difficult to watch a film without analysing it in my head…

    However, when you see the hindi films… it is a complete storytelling that goes on and on….



  15. one more thing about piracy in mauritius… pa kave differencier ki ban cd ki pirates ou pas… zot fausse tickets emballages… surtout avec tou sa ban marchands ki vende cd partout la….

    eski zot trouve banc cds disk 2 l’annee couma ti p vender vers la fin decembre??? extra sa… enfin, moi mo pa aster cd mem, pa gagne letemps guet narien pour le moment la…

    Warning: pa trop aster CDrs50… ena ou gagne embeter…



  16. @ amrish
    hey man got casino royal on dvd, pirate pena cd/dvd pirate dan pays, ti-dimoune pa pou kapav guet film dan Moris,surely.
    @ All
    i personally buy all pirate copies of films that i like. but i respect one thing: i dont buy pirate copies of local productions.i no that sa ban morisien la toil hard to make those things so i respect that. buying pirated copies of hollywood or bollywood seems OK to me. steven spielberg or karan johar pa pou vine pli riche if i buy their original copies, isnt shaan? it might b against principles but it s no-nonsense.
    n it is also the availability of pirated copy that play in its favour.
    chacun son opinion and we gotta respect amrish s opi too.
    now u gotta tell me how pirated copies rocket the price of originals?pa tro konpran economics.

    yr 1


  17. @yaveen

    si jamais to pane fer economics dans la vie… you will do it this semester and you will understand about elasticity of demand/supply and how the blackmarket functions when supply is greater than demand… etc…



  18. BEin kitsoz ki mo ti envi ajouT, bein the thing about bannes artist moricien, problem c ki letemps to asT ene cd original.. ene to pou paye sa cher et deuxieme bein dison dan cd la ena 8 sanT.. Maximum to pou gagne 2 ladan ki capave ecouT.. mais et lezotte.. soi bomme soi sorti depuis zotte ancien album mem

    Mais tandis ki when to trouve bannes compilations locals ki pe venD at 50 roupies to pou trouve environ 14- 15 sanT..
    et la dan to pou trouve tou banens latest et best sellers !!!

    mais ena kitsoz ki zamais mo ien comprend. si ene dimoune ki fer cd pirate paye ene lamene (Rs200,000) cash la cot allE??

    la caisse governement? ou dan poche banens artist la ??


  19. @ Amrish, Yaveen & Vicks

    In Mauritius, and in many other countries, the money that the mafia makes from piracy (yes, it’s the mafia that runs this business) is used to finance their drug businesses as well as international terrorism, on top of many other illegal activities.

    So next time you buy any pirated goods, I hope that your conscience reminds you what your money is going to be financing, but if you are a bunch of apathetic slackers already, then I guess you will not care.

    By the way, do not tell people you are studying media, in case you are, as you seem like a bunch of total ignorants when it comes to media ethics.



  20. @ Yaveen

    You don’t need economics to understand that piracy is ILLEGAL… you just have to use your brain, and a bit of common sense, if you have any, and finally ask your conscience if what you are doing is wrong.



  21. Bien Dit Shaan!

    May be thats what is missing in Mauritius.. Media Ethics… whoever understands how an artist strive for a living will not buy a CD-Pirate…

    Can you pay for the intelligence/the long sleelpless nights/ the sacrifice of the artist?
    Can you measure the artist’s personal input and effort to reach perfect sounds and words and melodies that you like so much to listen?

    The answer is NO. but you should be ethical towards other people’s work. they earn a living by selling their voice and melodies.. it is as if you are not paying them their monthly payslip…

    @Vicks… i found your reasoning very cheap and crap… what if you r buying 2 best-sellers in a whole local production, at the least you are contributing to the social welfare of the artist… you should also think that the artwork is their work and their means of living…

    I do think that the law is not that strict in Mauritius and the selling of CDs/DVds are not regularised. what is ask myself is: do they have a permit to sell Original CDs? or they have a permit to sell Pirated CDS?

    Taler nous pou tender ki Producers of CD-Pirates will have their association to allow them to expand their business…



  22. @ Zaynah..

    mo croire to pas ien comprend moi.. mo pas ine dire asT et mo pas ine fer Pub pou compilation sanT local ki banens pirate ine fer

    mo ti ziste envi monTre kifer cd pirate vend pli bien.. (KI PAS ZISTE ACOZE PRIX)
    si bannes artist locals collaborE et fer ene album ensam cot zotte ajoute zotte bannes best songs.. bein.. mo penC moricien la ti pou asT..

    car vraiment letemps to gette ene cd local original to capve gagne environ 40 mins of
    songs( la dan des fois to pou skip imP track tou)

    tandis ki to pe gagne 80 mins de tou bannes tubes local lor marChe pirate!!

    Mo pas vraiment ecoute sanT local apart from radio.. mais ena cd original *(kaya)ki mo ine prend.. car mo appreciE tou so bannes sanT.. ek mo trouvE ki pas bizin skip track pendant 80% cd la!! soo sa mo ine accepT paye original

    @ Shaan

    i said am a dieheart pirate but i never mention buying anywhere!!
    Most of my stuff is downloaded 😛 though p2p.
    and can’t understand how mafia earns in here

    lots of people talking about ethics and piracy.. well personally on my pc i run an original version of xp pro and kubuntu linux and orignal version of windows xp multimedia edition on my laptop. original office 2000 and opensource antivirus!

    when mo mentionE ki most of us are pirates direct or indirect!
    bein eski zotte ena zotte windows original cot zotte? ou mem banens software ki ine installE lor pc pena narnien ki crack la dan?? Photoshop?? winzip? winrar?

    BEin si zotte ti pou zouer .. zotte ti pou asT ene game original? either on pc or ps2?

    bein dison zotte pas play.. take the exemple of photocopies! fer photocopy i believe sa ousi go against ethics non.. mais pas dire moi zamais zotte ine fer photocopy ene livre !! ou part of the book!!


  23. @Vicks

    Not saying to buy but even citing the advantages of pirated versions will make people wanna more of them! Skipping of tracks is only a way to listen what sounds best to your ear.. do not generalise the tastes of people…

    By the way, i do have original Windows at my place… and even at work, we use only Original Windows/Software.. Contact the CIB and Min of IT& Telecommunications for more info!

    and Please, Just dont pinpoint at all people because you have original software to use on ur pc/laptop… Not all pople are dieheart pirates dear…

    yeah, let us talk about P2P…. do u think u will get MENWAR on P2P? u can count on ur fingers those who will share his songs through P2p…

    and again here, while doing P2P music sharing: is it ethical not to pay the artist? or is it because you are paying the technology, you think it is fine enough not to pay the artists? who should we condemn again? the producers of P2P systems(the IT People/Companies) or the users for the proliferation of falsified copies of songs?

    now let us talk of photocopies(the right word is Photostat copy).. ale cot Reduit Copy Centre.. gagne tout labas… we have a library of photocopies there…



  24. Its only by knowing the advantages of pirated versions that we might find a solution!!

    people are buying pirated version? y? parceki moricien mechant?? bizin ena something!!

    try to ask people around,.. you’ll find out that am not generalising taste of people!! 🙂

    You have orignal software.. yeahhh.. but how many people ine mauritius does actually run original stuffs on their pc? what am trying to point out is that many people have in a way or another use pirated stuffs.. and these people coming and making a lecture on ethics and piracy really is annoying!!

    lol when i mention p2p was in response to shaan.. who said that buying pirated stuff finances the mafia!

    i agree sharing though p2p is not ethical thats y i introduced myself as a dieheart pirate!! 🙂

    so you’re saying that you are running 100% original stuff on your pc? never made any sort of photocopy? never copied an mp3 on your hardisk? never used p2p? never seen a pirated film?
    hard to believe but good for you then!!!


  25. @ shaan

    sayin that I don t understand eco was an attrape nigo 🙂 and I got 2 if am not wrong. I got only a mediocre B in eco at hsc but I do understand sa ban rouage la, surely Mr shaan.

    Yep am a Bsc communications student at UOM n I ve got brains like other comms students. if u think I lack it then it s, by extension, an insult to all dudes doing that course. R, COMMS STUDENTS, BRAINLESS? Mr shaan is eager to hear from u 🙂

    Photocopy is an example of piracy that we can t avoid. we ve also got linge ki vandé lor simé. How many of us buy em?
    But we ve got Monsieur Propre en la personne de mr shaan. Mo kroir bizin faire detective hector tuyau of anti piracy faire enn tour kot li to see how clean is Mr Propre. If one small counterfeit material is found at ur place sir, then alle couyonne dimoune lot place, pa perdi letemps ici.

    It seems to me that Mr Propre has much information on how pirated copies finance international terrorism n drug dealin. If yes, please go to the police DEMAIN itself n reveal wat u no. that ll surely help a dementeler the whole network sir. If no then CHUP CHAP:-|

    Mr shaan impresses me wiz wat he wrote above. I THINK WE VE GOT OUR LOCAL BAAPU HERE.



  26. On P2P networks, do you think those who share/distribute those files illegally are buying the originals themselves, or just getting pirated stuff. Ask yourself that question and see what answer your conscience gives you!

    The advantages of Piracy! What advantage does it have for you? You will still be consuming the same product as that of the original. Oh!, because you are not paying too much or nothing for it, that’s why you are involved in supporting piracy. I see.

    Why people buy pirated goods? I think it’s because they are selfish. They are raised in a culture where they are told they should get things the easiest & cheapest (free) way possible, and if its at the detriment of others, then that’s not their problem. This attitude comes from the way these people are raised. Their parents do not inculcate proper values in them, and even if they do, their peers have a stronger influence on them. They have an utter lack of dignity and do not respect & appreciate those who create things to entertain them, and make their lives more enjoyable.

    It’s good to have things easily and without spending too much of one’s earning, but it must be done in a righteous & legal way, then it’s fine. When was piracy righteous & legal?

    Such people are the layer of society that has a ‘thieving’ culture prevailing its roots & affecting their subconscious. They are the ones who will loot shops during riots, vandalize property that is not theirs and always complain that the government is not spoon-feeding them enough. They will say not enough is being done for them, rather than looking in the mirror and saying: ‘I am not doing enough.’

    Furthermore, many Mauritians want to live beyond their means and abilities. They want to imitate their european counterparts. Thus, while trying to be clowns and imitate what they are not, they find devious ways to acquire things that they cannot afford. The proliferation of the pirated goods, and its consumption rise, spring from this very mentality.

    Why people are involved in piracy? Because it makes them earn tons of money without any effort. Because there are many people out there, with that ‘thieving’ culture, as a potential market.
    Proud to be a diehard (not ‘dieheart’) pirate!

    Then the day, if ever, you create something after investing hours of your life and your savings, and then hope that it will bring you something back, then we will see if you have the same attitude towards piracy.

    When you see your creation being pirated and sold, and you remain there, watching helplessly and hopelessly, then maybe you will understand that piracy is not just about losing money, but also about others having no respect for you and your hard work. You will be able to get some money back because there will be people with some dignity who will appreciate what you are doing and support you. But the rest, the grime of society, will just rip you off like there is no tomorrow.

    Many people at some point could have directly or indirectly consumed/used a pirated good. But when they become aware of it, and most importantly when they realize how unethical and detrimental it is to artistic/creative creation, and they decide to change their attitude and use original goods, then this is a very good action and they should be praised for CHANGING.

    But those who carry on while being consciously aware that they are doing something wrong, then all I have to say is they are just the grime of society, which will never be up to any good, always swimming in their own crap.


  27. @Shaan

    thats quite a good lecture on Piracy. Thank you man. May those who have some red matter in their brain get these points clear in their head!


    Am no Law Enforcement Officer or Anti-Piracy Saint dear…I admit i’ve copied some pages of books, and even 1-2MP3 CDs on my pc… i’ve never used P2P except for testing it for my assignment in nov2006… Pirated copies of film??? nope, since i watch only MBC!


    Do not make these arguments personal or else, you are failing in providing constructive arguments on this theme…




  28. @ changin
    take it cool man, relax.bringin mama papa in the debate wont help fact i agree to certain extent wiz u now but in mu thats the uk it might b different.never mind, pa tro stressé.

    piratement urs,


  29. Sorry for making this a personal message to Yaveen, but I just hope to clear some of his assumptions about me.
    Thanks for your reply.

    Do not generalize my opinions. I was replying to your comments. You do not speak for the whole department unless they appointed you to do so. Is Yaveen the appointed spokesperson here?

    I am quite sure that not everyone in the communications department thinks like you, and even some who do still leave room for improvement. You on the other hand, seem to have reached your peak. There does not seem to be space allocated for change in your attitude. Good, I like to see some recalcitrant beings, at least they can contribute in creating debates. Balance is important in society.

    If you want to talk about Det. Tuyau, APU, MASA & the Government with me, please complete your studies first, then graduate, then try to find a job in Media, and then if you still have anything personal to ask me, we can at least talk on the same table. You do not know me and what I do, so please do not make assumptions.

    You seem to be living in your own little bubble & assume a lot of things without actually knowing their impact on others outside your bubble. Rather than wasting time with ‘attrape nigo’, a game little kids like to play, use your brain’s ability to come up with something constructive & worthy. I never said anyone is brainless. You are not stupid as you can still react, but you react without thinking carefully. This is usually a symptom of fear & uncertainty.

    You are still a student, all I can advise you is take this opportunity to learn as much as you can about Media & Communications, and not just in the classroom, but in the the industry, culture economy, society and politics prevailing in both Mauritius and on the international level.

    If you still feel I am targeting you, let me rectify that I am not. I was just hoping to get a useful & constructive reaction, but alas you’ve made this personal. So I don’t want to waste time on it as it is hopeless. Do what you like boy, it’s your life anyway. Everything is clear about piracy. I do not think my words can reach your conscience as you seem to have enough education to be able to realize by yourself. You will take everything I say negatively, even if it’s for your own good.



  30. OK guys and girls, I think this debate got a little bit heated up here and that you might all have got a bit carried away.

    Though I have been hesitating since this morning about whether I should intervene or not (coz I felt this might curb any further attempts at discussions on interesting topics), I guess now I should.

    First things first, I am happy to see that there’s passion in this blog. However, I would ask that though passion in one’s own position is perfectly acceptable, even desirable, one should also be careful to counter the other’s arguments, not make personal attacks. Be civil: criticise the other’s arguments, not the person…

    To come back to the topic of discussion, I personally feel that piracy is to be condemned and I feel that artists and creators are being cheated. However I also understand that many people do not understand this because of lack of information on how those artists are actually been cheated….



  31. yaveen v/s shaan!
    Round 1
    fight!!! 🙂

    lol calm down guys!

    @ shaan
    don’t want to be rude! but really i’ve already mention
    above 1 advantage that mauritians see in pirated cd besides price!
    really hate to repeat myself again 🙂

    you guys really have a feel for artist and seem to care about their rights,am not a comm student and not really great with long speeches and words but one thing i like to point out, cds are being sold on the roads, some of you won’t buy since its against ur ethics, But y don’t you report it to the police????

    you won’t because deep inside many really don’t care!!

    basically mrs Meetoo is right in a way, when she says that ,due to lack of information mauritians are unaware how it is wrong!!

    But who to blame?? Government? Artist? Media? MASA(is masa just sicker on cds?)

    some artists like “Komiko” are doing some nice stuff to get this message out, at the end of their sketches they put some extra stuffs about piracy! thats nice..


  32. @vicks

    Basically thats what we are trying to say:

    Get people AWARE of the piracy phenomena ,copyrights/intellectual property rights issues… be it for CDs/DVDs, Sofwares, Local or international production,…

    when u buy a Cd on the road, some people ask: Cd la original sa? li pa pou tasser lor mo cd/dvd player sa? they will never ask whether they will get problem with the law if they buy a pirated Cd! but exceptions do exist….

    as far as the MASA is concerned? People see it only as a Sticker on their Cds and nothing more… Is the sticker meant as a security? only the MASA Knows and does it ensure the Genuine Artist Production??? Can’t say!

    It is high time that the MASA redefined its mission and developes awareness programmes about piracy…

    well, talking of Piracy… do you know how the Anti-Piracy Unit of the L’ADSU functions? and on what basis this unit can detect pirated CDs? frankly, there is a complete ‘flou’ around the way things are done there…. specially when you find the CD-shops still open and selling pirated copies of Music and Films!

    A bon Entendeur…


  33. Too many personal attacks gng on here like Mrs Chan-Meetoo said…

    Bt i understand its a hot topic n am sure evryone did use pirated copies, etc Its good to see a change in mentality concerning Mauritian artists.. “Asté original” i kw many friends, students n cousins who r now buying original works of Mauritians..

    Once i watched a doc on TV about piracy n problem of music downloads on the internet. In that country, the anti- piracy campaign was much focused on children n teenagers.

    As project they had to do a small film/clip or music by gng thru all the production stages on their own…n even marketing n sales. After sme days they realised the difficulty n the amount of time spent producing your own work 🙂

    Lesson: Here in Mtius this attitude wnt change as long as we continue to target “diehard pirates” or elder ones who dont even care.

    All these lectures against piracy shud start among younsters n developing a proper Mtian way of ‘consuming’ these artistic works wil be eaisier

    With time our society wil change… Hopefully


  34. @ shaan

    Sir, if u think there should b no debate n that there r only ‘ head u win, tail i lose’ situations, then i, ‘the recalcitrant’ n the ‘little kid’, humbly remove my ‘hopeless’ posts. U win hands down.

    Yes sir, piracy is illegal. but i still maintain that by not buyin his original copies, spielberg wd not go bankrupt. n i still protect the local industry by buyin their original cds/dvds.

    ‘Pirating’ copies is too easy nowadays Mr shaan : go to the shop, get ur rs 10 cd vierge é gravé. or got to the next door videoclub n ur r the proprietor of a pirated song cd with only rs 50.

    U wrongly say that i dont have any solution to the prob, sir. i have. n it s a do or die solution. but how to implement it? See if u can:
    If u stop importin cd vierge outright, l ampleur of the pirate industry ll definitely plummet. Can u do it sir? If yes, please.

    Y 😦 v.


  35. @ yaveen

    calm down dude!
    There are many uses of cd vierge.. some people use it for a cheap source backup

    mais des fois si to pense bien banens cd pirate ine fer IMp bon zafer ousi pou banens “owners”

    take “windows” for example si pas ti ena cd pirate, bein ene tas dimoune pas ti pou go for windows, bein la aster ki dimoune fini habitier ek pas envi change pou ene lotte operating system,

    Microsoft comes up with new security features in vista besides the genuine tester thing..

    aster say ene dimoune fini habitier servi windows, bein la.. li taC, li pou obliG prend original servi..

    mais si pas ti pou ena cd pirate.. dimoune pas ti pou start use windows at the first place mem mo penC


  36. The initiative was launched in 1999 to teach youngsters (14-25) about the audiovisual production industry & one topic would have been the ill-effects of piracy and how it was detrimental to art, culture, society and the economy. It was crucial for the government to give its backing as the approach was very hands on & required the workshop to be spread in colleges, UOM & IVTB. It involved them producing their own work, seeing how the professionals do it, learning about structure, hierarchy, requirements, opportunities & future developments in the industry. It was all going to be conducted in 36 workshops spread over a whole year. If it was going to be successful, there were plans to make it an optional subject with some compulsory modules in colleges.

    But the project was not given the go ahead as there were some other people (MFDC, MCA, MBC…) who thought they could do this job better than independents, so it died there and then, in 1999. Since then, no one cares to do it as the government thinks its own bodies can handle it.

    I personally think there is one effective solution, which has worked in Singapore and is being applied and working is several other countries. The solution is the law & how it is applied and the body that controls it. MASA is not going to combat piracy, it is an association. The APU is under the ADSU, these guys don’t know anything about piracy but just how to arrest people.

    What we require is a body like IPOS (Singapore) or FACT (UK) to be setup and they should only deal with copyright & authorship violation & theft. Then the law in Mauritius needs amending, whereby anyone found manufacturing, trading & buying piracy material can be arrested without a warrant. At the moment, arresting a pirate in Mauritius is a very complicated & risky procedure. The steps are:
    1> A person must first find someone manufacturing & trading pirated goods.
    2> Buy a copy if the good as a proof and go the police station to make a statement.
    3> The police then needs to wait for a warrant to be issue to then go and arrest that person.
    4> The person who made the statement then needs to come and identify the person arrested and also confirm that the goods seized are the ones he saw & bought at the shops.
    5> Then the owner or owners of the copyright goods should go to the police station to identify the goods. And then they should make a statement and bring all their legal documents to prove they are the copyright owner. Then the case will go to court to determine the fine for the pirate to pay.

    Now, the risks are enormous. The person who made the statement is very often in the same room as the pirate. The owner who comes to identify his goods is also in the same room as the pirate. Those pirates are all mafias and delinquents. They very often threaten the people who give statements & the copyright owners, in the police station in front of the policemen. When they get out, they keep threatening with phone calls and even go to these people’s houses to throw rocks at their widows. Such is the situation that people have become reluctant to get involved as these procedures are too lengthy, risky and complicated.

    Last December only there was one arrest of a pirate in P.Louis. Once he was in the police station, he trashed the place, insulted the policemen, saying that he was feeding them with his money (bribes) and how dared they arrest him. He was released the same day and his case is slowly being erased.

    A lobbying has just emerged actually, and its aim is to amend the law. First the role of the MASA stamp is crucial. Any CD/VCD/DVD that does not have one considered a pirated copy. But some police officers tend to ignore this, for obvious corrupt reasons I don’t need to elaborate on. So this law needs to be turned into a fine which is then followed with arrests and so on and so forth. Then all retailers should apply for a license to retail the titles of the several copyright holders in mauritius, both for local & international content. Then, if a person is selling a CD from a particular label, for which they have no retail license, they have to explain where they got the CD from etc… Then for pirates, their arrests should be as simple as when the police arrests someone dealing with drugs. If they have no license and no MASA stamp on their goods, they are just arrested, no statement or identification is required.

    It is not that hard to minimize piracy, or even eradicate it, with those 3 simple actions and the cooperation of the government, a lot can be achieved. We’ll just have to wait and see what the response is. The speculation is that the side with more money to give as bribe will win. So I am guessing its a win for the pirates again. Then the only resort is to put this matter in the hands of the embassies and international copyright owners. Most probably the government will be ridiculed and its lack of competence will be exposed, but there does not seem to be other solutions at hand.


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