Tentative time-tables (Yr 3 & 4)

Hi & Greetings to all!

I guess you’re all waiting to get your time-tables. So here they are:

Level 4:
Monday (1 to 4 pm): Political Communication (core) – Dr R. Kasenally
+ you need to choose one elective (there’s an indicative list on my door)

Level 3:
Tuesday (1 to 4 pm): Contemporary issues in society (elective) – Dr R. Kasenally – Room 2.4
Tuesday(4 to 7pm): Intercultural communication (core) – Ms M. Paroomal – Lib-exCDAC
Thursday (1 to 4 pm): Advertising (core for Business Coms) – Mrs C. Chan-Meetoo – Room 1.2
Thursday(4 to 7 pm): Research Methods (core) – Dr R. Kasenally – Room 1.2
Friday (4 to 7 pm): Communication & Media: a historical perspective (core) – Ms M. Paroomal – Lib-exCDAC
Saturday (9 to 12 am): Advanced Reporting II (core for Journalism) – Mr T. Chellapermal – Lib-exCDAC & MCA

Important: Registration for modules will be closed 2 weeks after the beginning of semester (which starts on Monday 22nd BTW). So, please do the needful… Don’t make me chase you! Also, again, think carefully about which modules you want to register for. If you register for a module and are unable to complete it, you automatically get a failure and your CPA (cumulated point average for those who don’t know;-) goes down.

Christina Chan-Meetoo

Addendum: Registration is technically already open, so you may start module registration right away!

2nd Addendum: I’ve added the names of the lecturers for your info as well as room numbers


20 thoughts on “Tentative time-tables (Yr 3 & 4)

  1. Hi Mrs Chan Meetoo

    Is there any way tuesdays could be avoided on the time table? As you know, it is a very tricky day for me as I have parliamentary sessions the whole day. I would appreciate if any change could be made.

    Please let me know if it is possible to make any changes.


  2. @Mireille
    That would have to be checked with Ms Paroomal who teaches Intercultural Coms

    @Ishtiba & Kareina
    Sorry about that. The lecturer is already taken up by another module and since this one is an elective, we are not forced to offer it. You could probably take it later if and when it is offered.



  3. @ Mireille & Ishtiba

    In fact, I would ask you all to attend the class as per the time-table for the first week and to see directly with Ms Paroomal, whilst taking care that the rest of the class also is OK with any changes in the time-table.



  4. Hi
    Can we know who will teach Communication and Media:a historical perspective?
    Secondly, if one student of Level 3 cannot take a core module, because he/she cannot free himself/herself on that day, can he/she takes the core module schedules for student of Level 4?


  5. I won’t be able to take Media and Communication : a historical perspective. I won’t be able to free myself on Friday. As I am free on Monday, I was thinking about taking POlitical Communication, if that is possible, and next year taking Media and Communication. Hoping that it won’t be scheduled again on friday.


  6. Hi,
    please note that i shall not be able to attend classes scheduled on tuesdays and thursdays from 1 to 4 pm. furthermore since i will be late for fridays classes since i finish to work at 17h15.


  7. I am thinking of not taking the elective on Tuesdays but i definitely have to take the core one. I am already late on the program and i will have to take two reseats during my forth year of studies.


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