Zistoire Moris…

Ive created a new blog…check it out http://zistoiremoris.wordpress.com

ce sera sur ban zistoire lor moris a lepok…ban souvenirs, anecdote, legendes, old recipes etc …U can share ur stories wiz me..or i can give you the login n password to post ur stories

Its still in the initial stage n wil post more stories later on



17 thoughts on “Zistoire Moris…

  1. isssssssshhhhh… just to tell u great…

    me have authentic stories…. cant wait to share it with all people ki p cuit sa lasauce blog la… mo kone 1 bolfam ki ti p travaille avec Bolom Ramgoolam(Pere) dans caro canne… et mo nani so ban freres ti avec Bolom Razack Mohamed et Gaetan Duval…. Politicaille???? Mais Non.. c ban vrai de vrai politiciens et zot ti bien aide ban ti-dimoune….



  2. hi Mrs Chan-Meetoo,

    i think only you can do the Blogroll for us… i tried to update mine and yaveen, but “Blogroll” doesnt appear on the dashboard for the comstudent users. So i guess only the administrator can do it.



  3. @ Mrs Chan-Meetoo

    Can u add it to blogroll plz coz i cant…

    n yes blog craze 🙂 Ive become an internet addict during the holidays..ene chance mon reprend work n getting on wiz volleyball n football training soon
    other thgs to keep me busy 🙂

    @ Zayna
    ya ‘la sauce blog lor moi’ lol n thanx for ur willingnes to contribute. Wil wait for ur stories..U can e-mail me or i can give u the login n password



  4. @ Ishtiba
    OK. It’s done.

    Will do it for Yaveen’s blog tomorrow. Don’t have the address at home.
    BTW, for info, can you tell me whether you can actually moderate comments with the login you have coz many comments are being approved without my intervention, specially yours?



  5. @Mrs Meetoo

    yes, the moderation works when i logged in and then edit/approved the comments…and sometimes when we are already logged in, the comments appear as soon as we click on “submit comment”…

    btw, how do i get my blog tracked by the Mauritius Blog Tracker?



  6. Ya i play FOOTBALL!!! 🙂

    I started training at AS Quatre Bornes last year..they r gud but didnt like the girls’ attitude there..

    N besides volleyball competition started n I gradually stopped. Hav decided to move to Curepipe Starlight

    Smts I played wiz some guys at UOM…ti bizin ena 1 competition Ekip mix dat wud hav been great 🙂


  7. OK. If you get to approve your own comments, that’s OK. But what troubles me is that I think sometimes even those who do not have the login get their comments approved and published without my intervention. Are you actually able to moderate other’s comments (e.g. for Vicks, Shaan, Sundeep’s comments)?



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