Accident de la Route


Hi to u all, i do hope that you have heard and read about the accident at Montagne Longue. The article appeared on L’Express of 15th January 2007:

However, let me explain something to you:

All people in the accident are my neighbours(except for Sabeyroon)…

Today(18/01/2007), Firdose-the 19yr Old married woman breath out her last breath at around 8am leaving a baby of 18months and a husband to struggle for a longer life withour her…

There is still the little girl of 10yrs who is struggling for life… She is still in comma and under artificial breathing at the ICU of Jeetoo Hospital…

Miracle: The baby of 1 1/2yrs(whose mum died today) was thrown out of the car without any ‘egratignures’ but he is always crying and is not able to live with anyone at home(not even his dad)…

Fadilah-The 16yr old girl has dislocated arms and feet… Hossen came out of the coma 2 days back, Surma has a dislocated arm and stil under shock…Moonera is stil recuperating…

How many lives do we still have to lose on the road for people to become responsible drivers on the road???

This is a very sad case but still, just think of this small boy of 18months who will never ever see his mother in his life? who is crying out loud for his mother, day and night? and the husband who will have to explain to his son how his mother died?


Updated facts: Noushrina: The 10Year Old girl, who was in ‘coma’ since last saturday, breathed out this Sunday 21/01/2007 at the ISCU of Jeetoo Hospital…


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