Football Moris…Ki Direksyon?


Many of you must have watched the program on MBC 1 yest night. Futball Moris ki direction?

Good initiative by the Sports Dept of the MBC…trying to bring all the stakeholders of the field together n come forward with measures to change the current situation. The whole debate which was supposed to try find solutions for the current (despairing -( ) situation of football in Mtius became finally more focused on the past model v/s regionalisation… whether we shd move back to l’ancien formule (a lepok de Cadets, Sunrise, Scouts etc)

More than 1 n half hour spent on “Constat de la situation”…the current situation, low level of football, no more supporters, no investment, no motivation, etc. For God’s sake, we all kw that. Bring out the measures, ideas, discuss n save our football!!

It was supposed to be a a program were ideas wud be put forward/proposed so that, finally we can all do smg for this sport. But the +2 hrs became total crap, where most stakeholders began fighting for or against regionalisation… n others nt even accepting their responsibility in this current situation. The whole debate sort of deviated from its original intent…

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3 thoughts on “Football Moris…Ki Direksyon?

  1. you are right!!! save our football…. i still remember the days when i use to fight with my cousin over SunriseFC, Fire Brigade, Cadets, Scouts Club, etc….

    Regionalisation has lessened the ‘national football’ spirit…. perna mem l’enthousiasme ki avant…

    longtemps, dans pl, ti ena ban ti groupes ki ti p ale guet football loin kan zot koner ki zot l’equipe preferee p zouer! asterla? extra ranne.. pa tender ni trouve aucain motivation dans publiques ou mem dans stade!

    kan mo ti tipti, mo ti p ale guet foot avec mo papa dans Stade St Francois Xavier(mo Dadi ti p reste derriere Stade et L’Eglise St Francois)… Mo ti p aussi alle guet ban zoli ti matches entre ban ti l’ekipe dan pl cot Stade Mamade Elahee(Cite Martial)… ti extra top…

    Not only football enthousiasm is lacking… we also bearing with the BAdminton Crisis Period…

    The Table-Tennis players are also growing old except for the guy who is doing his studies in France…

    The ultimate question: Where have we gone wrong in Sports???


  2. Hello ish,

    Yep saw ‘football moris, ki direksion’.

    First comment: too many invités sur ‘les’ plateaux ( there were 3). Robert deschambo, vikash n the rest were finding it hard to control em. Some of the people invited were lost: pa p koné ki pou dire.

    One was there only to balloon his MBC ( yep the one who said that u can turn off UR TV if u don’t wanna watch MBC prog). Football premier league mari rare lor mbc, ki li p vine kozé sa boug la? My friends say that li pa en tor… so lizié demi fermé:-)

    I agree to some extent wiz saoud lallmohamed wen he said that we should go back to lancien system. He explains :the # of cops in stadiums must b increase to control ban dezorderes. Good. What follows is better. A man must always b accompanied by a woman to have access to stadiums. Enn mari pa pou faire dezorde wen his wife n kids r around. Yes I no, there r some exceptions. In fact in some cases femme la pou faire plis tapaz ki zom la:-) But pour la majorité des zoms it ll apply.Lancien system is ok but wen il y a mort dhomme, lerla li pa bon ditou.

    Addressin the prob at grass root (school, coll) can prove to b fruitful, but money must b invested. One thing I don’t understand wiz our leaders: they kill sports (there were no inter-colleges for some time in MU) n then they say ‘aryo, kouma inn arrive sa?’

    Wat I also didn’t appreciate was that the persons who had little to say concernin our foot were invited. I don’t remem the name of the guy sittin on the left of the prez of MFA the other day. Well he is one of them. He was many a times out of subject n was wearin an irritatin banana smile. Am sure mamad elahee had much more to say apar his trademark ‘boule rond, laplaine caré’.

    Mr Tang. I still remem his caricature in weekend newspaper wiz a tetine dan labouch. That s wat he is. Unable to take decisions. he was given la parole en dernier to announce something ‘wow’. The result: b-u-l-l s-t-i-h.

    Ze show was pa mal for a first time. Robert n vikas were sayin that there ll b more shows de ce type in the future. I ve not forgotten ‘questions franches’. Where is it today? Dan tombe.

    Just hopin that Tang ll remove the tetine from his mouth n act.



  3. @Yaveen

    Ya u r right in saying it was pa mal.. coz for the first time sme people had the chance to express himself as he wanted…

    But like you say tro bocou invités..sil yavait seulement des gens vraiment proche du foot ca aurait ete super..There would have been more discussions around really important subjects..coz too many people is a lost of precious time in such a prog.

    Robert n Vikash even tried smts to get answers they wanted people to hear.. even trying to make the persons responsible for this situation to accept their past errors…from a journalistic pt of view I appreciated that!
    Smts Vikash asked his question once again wen the interviewee didnt really reply to his questions.

    Mamad Elahee cud have talked nore mais tou ce ki li ti pou dire has already been talked over n over again. Dossier lor dossier lin faire lor football.Wer r they? Person pa pran compte so prefer li reste trankil…

    BUT, gng back to ancient sytem is not good way to solve this problem..This issue has not only two solutions..either regionalisation or ancient system!!

    N the issue of wives gng to stadiums along wiz husbands is good, but its nt certain ke ca va marcher coz yen a ki n’aime pas le foot, qui on d enfants, d’otre truc a fer, enfin tu connais la mentalité mauricienne 🙂

    I will insist that its at grassroot level that thgs shud be changed. this will take around 4-5 yrs to be effective but sme people dnt want to wait.

    N if we dnt want to invest in schools, colleges, etc So wats the use of talking about the future of football!!!


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