Module registration closes on Friday 2nd

Dear students,

Please do not forget to register online (using the login & password given by UoM) for the modules you wish to take this semester, including placement, dissertation and resit modules.

If you encounter any problems (Yr III & IV people), please let myself or the Registry know what kind of problem you have (e.g. lost password, modules not listed, etc.) We have been informed that no registration will be accepted beyond the 2nd Feb.

Vous êtes prévenus!

Christina Chan-Meetoo


16 thoughts on “Module registration closes on Friday 2nd

  1. I do think Module REgistration period has been extended up to 05 February. I was there some mins back to enroll for the modules, but unfortunately there were no electives to ‘tick’ there.


  2. Hi,

    I’m having problems with the registration. There’s only 4 modules listed, one’s missed: the advertising one! Time’s running ou t, plz help.



  3. Yes, you’re right. It would seem that registration is extended to Monday 5th.

    For those who do not see their modules, can you tell which ones are missing? Zaynah, which elective is missing for you?



  4. Hi,

    i do think all electives that you listed on the time-table are not in the module registration list. And our class has decided to take separate electives this semester…

    Me and Priti are taking Conflicts & Peace by Dr Bunwaree

    Miguel & Jennifer are takin Ethnographie de la communication

    Madina & Her group & Jessie are taking Criminality & Deviance (etc) By Khooduruth

    But it may still be ‘tentative’ as u already know how our class is… Lol.


  5. By the way,

    i forgot to tell you that our CORE module POLITICAL Communication is also not found on the list.

    I do not think that anyone of us are opting out from the list that you provided us with.




  6. @ Zaynah,
    OK will also check that political coms appears for Yr4. Does it mean therefore that no modules are actually listed fro yr 4 people???
    What about work Placement II & Dissertation?

    And yes, I just replied to your mail a few minutes ago. Check your inbox.



  7. Hi
    What should those having problem to register online – for example, if the exam section has not added, until now, a module on their list – do ?


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