UK wants to stop Chagossian return



The British government is asking a court to ban 2,000 islanders from ever returning to their homes.The Chagossians faces new dilemma.Even if UK’s high courts have ruled twice that the people were illegally removed, the UK government has decided to appeal this decision.



Chagossians hopes are once again shattered. Why cant the British acknowledge its past mistakes? Why not let them live on the other islands? But this battle will continue as the islanders say they will not give up until they return to their “Indian ocean paradise”.
“We came here in order to ask for our rights, for our fundamental rights, for our dignity as a people, because everyone has a right to live on his birthplace” Olivier Bancoult, leader of the Chagos Refugees group




8 thoughts on “UK wants to stop Chagossian return

  1. Do the chagossian really want to return to an Island where they won’t get facilities they can get in Mauritius? Will they be ready to live the life they were living before? I think, what they want is much more than a return to their island, they already get british citizenship right? And at some point in time, the british gm was offering them money as well and they were quite ready to accept it 😉

    I just can’t find the logic behind it all: Why would some people leave the much better life in Mauritius ( and also many chagossians are already living in UK ) to go back to a place where they will on live with nature? Are they so patriotic?

    Mo tonton so bourik fine reste laba…..


  2. here it is a matter of deprivation of the people’s fundamental rights….

    One thing: what do u CHAGOSSIANS need more? you’ve got the British passport and even British recognition… you are accept as British people and you are allowed to stay and live in UK, so can you not just accept the favour and be content with it? DONT BE SO GREEDY!!!! Greediness for more may lead to NOTHING at the end!

    Diego Garcia was and is a particular case…

    But surely in the near future, people of Agalega will surely face the same problem due to Eco-Tourism Development, IRS Project, etc…




    @ yumn

    u r askin ze chagossians 2 se contenté 2 british passport n recognition?! i dont believe this. try to to imagine urself in their places.
    if now i ask u to leave mauritius, wiz only ze clothes u ve got on, n go to comores or some other island in I.ocean, would u go? no u wont.

    these guys had to leave their belongings ( without forgettin mo tonton so bourik), their land, bref tou. some came to mauritius while others went to seychelles. they were ‘deraciné’.

    yes it is a matter of deprivation of people s fundamental rights and i personally think they should not give up.

    Lets go back in time. wat happen exactly? how did UK got les iles diego? if am not wrong Chacha gave les iles chagos to brits n in return Mu had its independance.

    lets put it like this: if today u r livin in an independant island then it s INPé thanks to em, na? whether u prefer a dependant MU to an independant MU is another question.

    Agalega to India? will the son do the same mistake as the dad?
    Only time ll tell.



  4. What the f*** are you talking about Zaynah? They’ve been kicked off from their home town and now can’t even go visit the graveyard! Should they just stay put and do nothing?

    That’s insane.


  5. well i don’t really agree with you Zaynah.. well having British passport is one thing.. but do you think that they will be able to make themselves a place in UK???

    we had a glimpse of how racist the British are with the whole Shilpa Shetty thing!!

    They invested a lot in Diego.. and will never give it up.. but hey.. living on the surrounding islands might be possible..

    But yet the British are afraid to have people near one of the main base in this part of the world.. Diego the closest to IRAQ and Afganistan.. two places where they are very active these days ..


  6. @ Mr Khalil A.
    as i said before(may be u didnt read enough)… i said it is a matter of deprivation of people’s fundamental rights… but as u know, only Olivier Bancooult and his party wants to go and establish themselves in the Chagos… but try the other party(unfortunately i dont kno his name), he wanted British Nationality and Compensation for the descendents of the Diego people and eventually the British Govt did grant them their requests…..

    i didnt say they shoud stay put and do nothing… ask urself? r they staying put and doing nothing? They have our ex-president Mr Cassam Uteem to back their cause, they do have the International Huma Rights Courts as well who are in their favour… The British Court has even recognised their past mistakes/errors…. but instead of dropping them to Mauritius at that time, they could have brought the people to UK… but u see, SSR wanted to show off his ‘fight for independence'(THERE WAS NO FIGHT) and didnt even care for the ‘sort des chagossiens’….

    By the way, not all the Chagossians want to go and stay there…. I do know some 2nd generation chagossian people who have and are benefitting from the British govt… they are well-established in the UK dear!

    @Mr Vicks
    Just tell me, only the American base there is very well developped and High Tech but how abt the surrounding islands? will they be able to live only out of COCONUT PRODUCTION…..

    In 1968, USA needed a military base to control the Indian Ocean… just in case there was a 3rd World War…. but right now USA is very much satisfied since it can control countries almost all over the world…. li fourre so nenez dans pays ki pa concerne li aussi!

    Uk is the leche-botte of USA… and guess? they gave Diego in exchange of military trainings to its people by the Americans!

    Shilpa Shetty’s case was and is a SHOW CASE…. Have u read L’Express 06/02/2007-International News??? You will see what INDIA TIMES is proclaiming and Shilpa do not even want to campaign against Racism now that she has become the Celebrity Big Brother Winner!!!! MAy be it was only a strategy to gain Sympathy votes????? who knows????

    How UK got the Diego Archipelagos? well, refer to HISTORY yav, they conquered MAuritius and its surrounding islands dependents in 1810….

    Do u kno wat? the condition for GRANTING INDEPENDENCE TO MAURITIUS was very well-planned by the BRitish Govt…. Diego was theirs and will always remain theirs… SSR did not get any option and he neither fought for Diego at that times, He knew the conditions and yet he just signed the papers…


    I do very well kno why i say DONT BE GREEDY…. because as Ishtiba wrote in her post, now the Courts are appealing for the previous decisions…. and guess wat? the Chagossians may even not get anything at the end.. it wil be like a fight-for-nothing case.. but still, it’s their rights that are ‘bafouer’ and the have to fight for them… as BOB MARLEY INTERPRETED:



  7. Man Yaveen… U JUST SAID WHAT I FEEL !
    British tactics are awful… We just need to take a step back to see the truth.
    Les Chagossiens ne doivent pa baisser leurs bras quoiqu’il en soit!
    Go Chagos!!


  8. Whether Chagossians should “be content” with what they’ve gained from their “fights” with the Brits, passport & citizenship, and whether they should gain access to their homeland – all these issues remain “debattable”. There are more implications than we may realise eg US reluctancy to give up a strategic base..etc.

    Have u heard about a place called Trolley in the UK? Or better have u heard about Karo Kalyptis @ Roche-Bois – well Trolley is more or less the equivalent of Karo Kalyptis in UK. And its there that most of the Chagossians go when they fly to UK becoz most of their people are already settled there. It’s surely not as wild as our Karo Kalyptis is, but nearly “a ghetto” from the saying of those who are already there.

    What nobody talks about is the fight to adapt themselves to this new life. Brits have not laid down the red carpet for those Chagossians. Most of them do not even know “les rudiments de la langue anglaise”. For the lucky ones who have had an education and who are able to “fight their case”, they’re able to have a decent job. But most of them don’t even know what to expect. They think that having the British citizenship will enable them to live thru govt support and be happy. Let me tell u something, having $90 per week to live on every week may seem a great deal of money when converted to the mauritian rupee. But when u’ve got to pay lodging, find food etc, it’s nothing. I’ve known Chagossians eating out from the garbage to be able to “survive”. They’ll never admit this becoz its a shame, but when they are able to collect enough money to come for holidays here, they tell u life is idyllic up there. Very few, so as to say no one, will ever admit the truth about the harsh conditions they have to go through.

    While the debate goes on, every day Chagossians leave Mauritius for the UK “en pensant que l’herbe est plus verte ailleurs”. Going back to their homeland for me has a more symbolical value than anything. For sure, after having led a cosy life in Mauritius or wherever they were shipped to; Seychelles, Mayotte..etc, it’ll be difficult to live on coconut and fish. But being able to visit their homeland and say prayers on their ancestors tombs is worth the fight.

    Go Chagossians! Je suis de tout coeur avec vous!


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