St Valentine’s Day

Il n’y a pas d’amour, n’y a que des preuves d’amour
Paul Reverdy

Should I wish a Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Commercial Valentine’s Day to Everyone….

Commercial Centres are “les lieux incortournables” of this type of event…. No need to say that the Happy World House, The Port-Louis Waterfront and other big commercial centres will be crowded with couples on the 14th February….
If you happen to visit the pages of L’Express of this week… you will get all types of invitations to celebrate the St Valentine: Restaurants, Discount offers, … but of course, there is always a price to pay…
Some tag lines are real interesting, such as:

– Vivez L’amour aux Centres Commerciaux Phoenix et Riche-Terre
– MCB Passionément
– Peut-il y avoir une fête sans Ferrero? Savourez et Partagez la joie de la Saint Valentin avec Ferrero?
– Dites je t’M avec des amours de cadeaux. Profitez de nos prix coup de coeur.

And of course, our University (UoM) will also be of the St Valentine’s Party….. Selling of Roses and Gifts in front of the Cafetaria… Will Emtel be the Partner again this Year? Was a great commercial attraction last year with all its decors in the vicinity of the Cafetaria and HAssen Rojoah animating the show!!!

As a student of Communication, I do think the term LOVE falls part into the sharing ideology of Communication between two people…But my mind is ticking about something: Do we need a day… only A day to celebrate LOVE? Aren’t everyday a day to love and care for the other…

By the way, if you want to buy a Red Rose tomorrow, save up to Rs500 for a real Rose button… and bear in mind that this same Rose would sell at around Rs25 outside Valentine’s Season…

A history link to St Valentine’s Day

Zaynah-Yr 4


5 thoughts on “St Valentine’s Day

  1. Zaynah,
    I took the liberty of modifiying the look of your post by purging it of its numerous html tags. I know it’s very tempting to add all sorts of colours and emphasis but I would ask all contributors to keep the look simple (remember the KISS principle) adding emphasis only with light touches…. I think the tags that are provided by WordPress are quite sufficient for our needs. Let’s not overload it.
    I hope you understand.

    PS: BTW you’re right. Valentine’s Day is now utterly commercial and almost meaningless…


  2. hi,

    a big thx for editing this post for me… In fact, I pasted it from a word Doc…

    last nite, i got some problems for editing this post at home, finally i lost some of my patience (dont think i’ve so much!!!) and i left it as it was…


  3. Yes I agree with you about “Valentine is a commercial day”. Me and my husband we love each other but it is not everyday that I get a declaration of love from him! One must agree that man are different from us girls.But what the heck! We are young afterall! It is not as if every day I’am getting roses or dinner in a romantic place! So happy valentine day for those who believe or even for those who don’t!


  4. Hi Sarojini…

    well, it is not a matter of differences between the sex…

    It is just the way St Valentine is becoming just like Christmas Sales dear…

    Compare these two events and you will see.. St Valentine’s Day has indeed a history of love letters (Not emails) but what can we find on the streets of Port-Louis, Rose-Hill, Flacq, etc today?… Roses: NAtural, Artificial… Wrapped gifts… and all of these in the colour of RED!

    Dont we forget the E-Cards? All sorts of animations are available… evne the traditional greetings cards are very extravagant in colours and words use…

    Indeed, St Valentine’s Day has evolved overtime to become a commercial event rather than of remaining a classical one…

    For instance, Christmas has a religious aspect: the Birth of Jesus Christ… but what of it nowadays, Bolom Noel ine pren l’ampleur and Christmas has become a worldwide commercial event… Even though all churches perform the mass on the eve of christmas…


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