MBC i hate you un peu, bokou, à la folie


The clock says 1h40.

Postin something at this time may seem out-of-the-world to u but I think it s really important to point it out now. Coz couples of hours later this piece of news ll b stale.

The Barcelona vs Liverpool game s’est soldé by a win of the Kops (1-2).

But the real winner today is Bijaye Madhoo s MBC. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. the match is supposed to kick off at 23h45 as per the say of M.Ramsamy in Sport Zoom. But it starts at 00h10. 23 minutes have already been played and Liverpool s one nil down. Was it delayed purposely? Allez savoir.
  2. There were interruptions at the 48th , 59th and 64th minute during the match. Who was doing that? I don’t have the answer. Maybe some Manu fan sittin at the MBC who doesn’t like liv’pool or the cable tv company for obvious reasons…


43rd minute: Craig Bellamy heads in for Liv’pool. Yes, the movai garson who reportedly hit Riise with a golf club after a night out in Portugal.

After the goal, he imitated a golf swing.

Before the 80 mins mark, Riise nailed Barça from a pass of his team mate cum hitter.


1-2 is the final score. YOU LL NEVER WALK ALONE.





14 thoughts on “MBC i hate you un peu, bokou, à la folie

  1. Hi again yav…

    well, Boycotting match in a strategic manner… thats wat the mbc did last nite….

    n am a manu fan… and i guess the mbc heard my plea….


  2. Yes, I was fuming as well, being a Liverpool fan myself. But don’t you think it’s got something to do with the bad weather and all. I don’t know whether this can account for the fact that the match started quite late but I believe it’s ok to say that the intereptions were indeed because of the cloudy weather.

    In any case, the head of the MBC or an executive should explain what happened and apologise.


  3. I was watching the match on Supersport 3 (Parabole Maurice) and it was the same thing!

    They did not show the first 20 minutes because of some bloody South African match being played at the same time and, as you mention, there were (at least) 3 interruptions (caused by the bad weather I suppose).

    Maybe MBC was just relaying SS3.


  4. Am MAn U fan bt was also frustrated by that late transmission…

    But, its more frustrating wen ur team playing lol 🙂 I eventually went to sleep earlier cudnt wait dat much.. Hey Barcelona can beat you at Anfield 🙂


  5. Feraille coupe feraille

    England sent its best soldier to challenge Barça.
    Manu , Arsenal or Chelsea pa pou kapav faire sa travay la, bizin avoy PATRON la mem.

    thanks for the clarification avinash. but atleast they should have told us what s happenin. one pal went to sleep at oohoo thinkin there d be no foot. he was fumin the next day and wanted to get in the next bus to Curepipe to fix Bijaye Madhoo. but we managed to cooled him down.

    y there were interruptions( lets face the truth): ban fans manu zalou liverpool. each time they riss leker, no images. WE won decently.THEY ‘cheated’ avek la complicité de lhomme en noir.

    By the way, got a call from Rafa yesterday night. they r havin some accomodation prob wiz all ze cups. Yumn chek enn koup si to trouve enn bon menuisier à plaine verte. Vitrine fini plein, gotta get new ones. En attendant the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY 🙂

    @ lash
    saturday last our class (yr1 coms) visited MBC. nanda armoogum was balloonin his station.
    my question to him – ‘wen will the MBC perform n deliver like the BBC’.
    ‘as soon as we have some local competitors…’ was the reply.

    Pass to comman labouzi rouz touzour



  6. “WE won decently.THEY ‘cheated’ avek la complicité de lhomme en noir.”

    Uefa said in a statement: “Having examined the referee’s report, the television evidence at hand as well as the laws of the game, the Uefa decided to reject the protest, as there was no proof of a technical error.

    “As a result, the body declared that the goal was PERFECTLY VALID”.

    Let me remind you Yav that a player doesnt have to wait for the ref’s whistle to take a free kick. Once the ball is stopped/nt moving the player can take it. Nw when there’s a f.kick to be taken near/around the box, he has the right to take a quick one unless ref ordered the contrary.

    Now, UEFA says that the ref should use the whistle around the box but this is nt requested (pas obligatoire) by the rules of football.

    1 ti lecon la loi football pou toi 🙂 lol mo croire to ti blier sa..


  7. bonnet blanc,blanc bonnet. appel kokin mem sa ish.
    u bring s.blatter in front of me n make him say that the goal was valid, i wont believe. COZ AM A LFC FAN , girl. we are ennemies 🙂

    yes barça can beat lfc just like lille can kass lerin manu in the second leg. boule rond laplaine karré 🙂



  8. i was expektin a comment from u.

    mardaye is the only word that comes to my mind wen i think of the match. but am a good loser, i accept defeat.

    Facts abt the match: 1.wen Scholes went off, the ref replaced him in the match.
    2. the lines man who ruled livpool goal offside forgot to wear the manu jersey.

    if i was a manu fan, i WOULD NEVER B PROUD OF THIS VICTORY:-|



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