Day: Saturday 24th Feb 07

A cyclone warnin class 3 is in force in Mu, A cyclone warnin class 3 is in force in Mu. The public is strongly advised to take all precautions n not to venture outdoors

I opened my eyes: it was already 11 am. I glanced at Samantha( that s the name of my mobile phone): one unread msg. In fact it is the msg alert bip that woke me.

-‘kot to ete? Vine enn fois, ena program la’ read the msg.

Yest2 night ban kamouads dan lari n me drank till late, celebratin Gamede a notre façon.

‘Lekor reyé net, pou kapav boir mem la?’

My Samantha rang.

-‘Vine enn fois, gajack p frai’ said the voice.

I jumped out of bed n in less than 30 mins I was wiz them. Gamat koumensé.


The liquor bottle… oops sorry, bottles were empty. One pal was searchin for the invisible hole that leaked our last bottle.

-‘Ki portée?’

-‘La mer. Tan dire lamer payé lakaisse en ce moment.’

Poste Lafayette (lafaya) is only 20 mins from our place. On that day it took us around 35 mins because of the rain, strong gusts n the ALCOHOL in our blood.

It was rainin cats n dogs. The wind said ‘ MOI KI LA’. The sea was roarin. The rain drops stung, driven by the wind. Bref Dame Nature was at work.

Poste Lafayette has always attracted many persons n it was kindda ‘hurricane party’ out here. Accordin to Suresh Boodhoo, #2 at Mu Met Services, in U.S many persons gather up to observe hurricanes n that s from where originated ‘hurricane parties.’

Around hundred persons were on the beaches n the cop jeeps that passed by didn’t bother to stop. Maybe the cops ti p, themselves, rinse zot lizié at that time.

Because the sea was really beautiful at that time. The waves rose n dropped, orchestrated by the wind. The sight valait le deplacement.

Back home.

The only inconvenience that I had to face was that my motorcycle, for some unknown reasons, refused to start when we decided to get home. So I had to drag her back home… gamat fini.




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