Minor Restructuring

I have recently come to realise that our external visitors (i.e. who are not students of the Communication Studies programme) might be confused by my postings regarding lecture notes (which are, on top of that, password-protected as most come from copyright-protected textbooks. Sorry for that!).

I have therefore decided to delete all posts related to lecture notes and to create special pages for each of the modules that I am teaching this semester. Students will find new links to their modules in the upper banner on the blog.

Please be sure to visit your module page regularly to get lecture notes and material as well as information on assignments to be submitted.

Apologies to all our external visitors (You may still be bothered by some UoM-related announcements though ;-))

Christina Chan-Meetoo


9 thoughts on “Minor Restructuring

  1. Thats a good initiative since a fren of mine got lost…. but he is in favour of this kind of learning schedule…. that brings me to ask: is our blog the only UoM-interactive educatiional blog? if it is so, then we should be proud…


  2. Thanks.. really apreciate the changes 🙂

    delivering lecture notes, may i suggest creating a yahoo group, it really suit your purpose i think,
    give it a try am sure you’ll like it

    @ zaynah

    we have a cse forum but unfortuantely only a few lecturers are participating, i think you should say a big thanks to Mrs Meetoo actually taking time out for the blog, if lecturers start to participate, am sure students will follow.


  3. @Vicks

    Thats what i am implying…. A big thanks to the Communications Department and for the initiator-Mrs Meetoo- for the creation of this blog…

    It’s a pity that not the part-time lecturers(for Communication Studies) do not use this blog to communicate news about their scheduling to the students…

    I would suggest that the students some kind of lobbying to the part-time lecturers…


  4. @ Vicks
    I’ll investigate the Yahoo group but for the time being, I’m just experimenting a bit (and fooling around too;-))

    @ Zaynah
    Errmm, yeah I guess we could be proud though I’d really like to see more students actively participating, but that will come, I’m sure…

    I know of course that some other lecturers use the VCILT or the CITS platforms which I had also investigated… but there were too many constraints (like having to register students, give their ID, etc.)

    As for the part-time lecturers (and full-time also), I’ll have to think about it. Don’t forget that this blog was initially started in the context of a specific module (New Forms of Media) which I teach (you were yourself part of the class;-)).
    In its second stage, it was opened up to all Communication students as a sort of forum. And, now the third stage has come with me using it as a support tool for my own modules and I’m still finding my feet with this.

    Christina Chan-Meetoo


  5. yep, it started with our New Forms of Media Class…

    But still, we are striving to make good use of the web…

    Before, i used the web only News, IM(Msn), and google search for assignments… however now, i find the web much more appealing with the concept of blogging…


  6. Well, I’m half visitor and half member of UoM Communication Studies. I hope everyone there is doing well. Those of you in years 3 and 4 had classes with me, though others won’t know who I am. I was a visiting Fulbright Lecturer back in 2004-2005. Ms. Chan-Meetoo put me on to your blog. I miss all of you very much and hope to some day get back to Mauritius.

    In the class that today’s 3rd year students had with me, I remember we had a guest speaker from America who came into the class and discussed issues including politics in the USA. I mentioned at the time that I had reserved a website (votesteveperry.com) because I wanted to run for political office some day. Well, that site is now active as I am running for the small office of school board member. It’s about the smallest political office in America with the possible exception of being elected to the public library board in some communities. In some places, they used to elect the “dog catcher” also who was responsible for rounding up stray dogs. You would understand such a position in Mauritius. I don’t know if we still have any communities doing that in America or not. So school board is on the low end. Maybe some day I’ll “move up.”

    Anyway, I hope you all see this comment and feel free to email (sdperry@ilstu.edu) or visit my website.

    Dr. Perry


  7. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to this blog! And many thanks for sharing your news with us. I’m sure Yr 3 & 4 students will be happy to get regular news from you. Come back as often as you want to. 😉

    Christina Chan-Meetoo


  8. hello Mr Perry

    good to hear from you…I still remember that speaker..it was in our “Communication Theories” class… 1 of my favourite modules lol n some cudnt understand how i cud be so enthused about those ” theories”…

    was great workin with you 🙂


  9. hi Dr Perry,

    well, i went to ur website and find it great… On behalf of the year 4 students, we are happy to be hearing from u….

    N at each christmas(2005&2006) i think of Mr Scrooge of A Christmas Carol….. N an ad on Msn read as follows: do u wanna be a Scrooge for this Christmas 2006?



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