On the Future of Journalism

If you’re interested in the above subject, you should read the following post:
Are blogs a ‘parasitic’ medium? by Robert Niles on the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review.

The way I see it, there are two options for the traditional media:

1. Stay the way they are. Blogs and other web 2.0 sites which are value-laden complements may then overthrow them one day.

2. Evolve and accept that readers and viewers have their say and open up their ‘online pages’ to allow open discussions and comments

Christina Chan-Meetoo


2 thoughts on “On the Future of Journalism

  1. hi,

    u r right about the two options… our daily papers need a drastic change in this sense but since the internet penetration is still low in mauritius, we have still time for the paper to become out-of-date…

    However, as ‘mordu’ as i am of news, i wanted to know what Gamede was doing to Reunion Island…

    I connected to http://www.clicanoo.com for information of the weather in Reunion Island and the website was a complete shock… it was:
    1. interactive
    2. lively
    3. User friendly
    4. Include Videos of the news there of clicanoo.tv
    5. Include snaps sent by the ‘reunionais’ of Gamede
    6. Include blogs and forums

    well, it is a platform where there is this juxtaposition of the people with the media and all i can say is that, try our sister’s island webnews…. and you will realise how static and out-dated our online daily newspapers are!


  2. thanx for the link…

    When will the Mauritian media evolve? 😦 Are they on another planet right now n not seeing how the media lanscape is changing at a tremendous pace??

    When they come back to Earth it will be too late 🙂

    Smts I want to respond to some news articles…we want to have a say in thgs that interests us..But just have a look at our local newspapers website!!! Tro Nul 🙂


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