Independance Day


As you may all have noticed, we are living in the Independance dream these last days and till 12th March….The concept of “Patrimoine Nationale” arises only prior to the great celebration….

Instead of focusing on the festivities on the 12th March 2007 and the flag raising ceremony at 18hr at Caudan – which is, by the way, not a place that is related to the Independance day of 12th March 1968 – Our leaders should have a more focus on how to make people dream of a better future… Please Please Make us becomes more proud of our country in the years to come…. Make Mauritius a more lively and livable place…

“Nous Pay Nou Fierte” – we certainly are proud of the achievements of our country but to what extent will we remain proud of it, when we know that our economy is in deep need of reforms…

Our flag: Is our flag only the symbol of the Independance in schools?? Which brings me to ask : Do the children learn the meaning of the colours of our flag at school??? May be it is considered to be outdated to teach students about the meanings lying behind our Rouge-bleu-jaune-vert flag….

Inevitably we ask ourselves how we are defined as citizens in this country…. and as superficial or paradoxal as it may appears, the following quote is a description of how i see our politicians dealing with people:

“Between the ambitions of the elite and the survival of the masses, the state often appears to survive essentially as a show, a political drama with an audience more or less willing to suspend their disbelief” – O’Brien 1991

Three cheers for the Republic of Mauritius!

Hip!Hip!Hip! Hourray!

Happy Independance Day! Long Live Mauritius!

Nou pay nou fierte!

Zaynah-Yr 4  (Also posted on My Blog)


5 thoughts on “Independance Day

  1. Are mauritians really fired up by the independence day??

    call be unpatriot but for me its just like any other day 😦
    Maybe its because we don’t know how life was before the independence.. and every single program or reportage by the crappy MBC tell about the fight of chacha for independence..

    But i think not all politicians agree with him at that time?? y not tell us more about y they didn’t want to be independent??

    Hmm.. a dumb thought.. and i know i’ll be flammed by you guys and gurls 😀
    did SSR fought for a free Maurtius just for the sake of it or was he looking for a position of power in Mauritius??

    i’ve been talking on the same topic on my blog..


  2. @Yahsaar

    Basically, i would prefer same.. the Champs De Mars was/is and will always be a place for the remembrance of the day where and when Mauritius became Independant!


    You are not dumb at all! and as i previously said(dont kno on which blog)…. Sir Seewoosagur only brought the Independance home but he NEVER fogt for it! History is here and it is history well-known lecturer/Professor Mr Mathur that taught us this issue at UoM!

    SSSR was there only to accept the choice that the Chief of the Colony has decided at that time and nothing more… and as we know, SSSR also gave Diego Garcia at that time… so what independance are we talking of????? Should we forget the Chagossians who were ‘deraciner’ from their island and brought to force to Mtius on the day after the Independance????

    The Ceremony on 12/03/2007

    1. Have u seen Caudan? and just imagine the amount of money that are going in the celebrations???? Sithanen could have injected them to subsidize the Gamede destructions in the poor areas of the island……

    2. Dont u think that it is a bit ‘farfelue’ and out-of-context to celebrate late in the evening??? and being given live-broadcast as well….. MBC being the lap-dog of the Govt!!!

    3. A big bravo for the students of St Marys for the walk-out during their independance day celebrations on Friday! Am sure that Gokool had really gone off-cool that day!


  3. @ yuyumn

    its good u recog that we got our independance while givin away chagos n diego isle, inter alia.

    the reason y the ceremony is bein held at caudan is the immense SSR statue. he has ‘fought’ for the independance of this…

    i ll be in plouis tmorow night n pou all faire enn tour to see how OUR money ll b spent.

    Karl Marx. he said that entertainment veils socio-econo probs. the population is entertained n they ll remain mum for sometimes. this prevents them to climb the social ladder etc
    It s like pacifyin the angry n cryin kid wiz a lollypop…


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