Debate over Press regulation…

There is still much controversy about whether the press should be regulated or not. Some years back the notion of a Press Council was evoked and recently the govt has come up with the Media Commission Bill. But, both created an uproar among journalists who feared for freedom of the press.
So, do you think the press should be regulated?Are our laws enough to ensure responsible journalism?

Are the journalists’ fears justified? Will they really gag the media?

Do you think Mauritius should have a Press Council just like in Australia? Wat are your views about the Media Commision Bill?

N according to you, how was the Media Commission Bill reported/treated in the press?

And lastly, will all this fuss about media regualtion remain mere rhetoric?

Ishtiba (also posted on my blog)


One thought on “Debate over Press regulation…

  1. “Will they really gag the media?”

    sorry to say that.. But the media is already a gag..

    think all that you want about freedom of press.. the fact is even if you are willing to challenge anyone in the ruling party and even if you write an amazing article..
    it might never get published!!! rejected by the redacteur chief.

    Media is controlled by politics and this sucks!!!


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