Interesting Talk

Mr Seth Cohen will give a Guest Lecture on ‘Managing Diverse communities: A Global Perspective’ tomorrow Wednesday 11th April 2007 at 2.30 pm in the LT1. Seth Cohen is a facilitator and mediator with knowledge of interpersonal, cross-cultural, and non-verbal communication issues.
The talk is taking place thanks to the initiative of the US embassy.

All students are invited to attend.

Important note: All Year 1 students following the Journalism module with me tomorrow need to attend. We will of course meet at 1 pm in class and then we will all move to LT1 for the guest lecture. All students are expected to submit a piece after the talk for the journalism class. So you should make sure that you listen carefully and if need be ask questions (just like normal journalists) during question time!

Christina Chan-Meetoo


7 thoughts on “Interesting Talk

  1. Ya un dossier tres interessant sur les religions dans le mag L’EXPRESS (international). “SPECIAL RELIGIONS – LE MODELE REUNIONNAIS”

    Un dialogue interreligieux exemplaire
    Un catholicisme triompant…Le renouveau de l’hindouisme…Un islam uni…

    Quand une association, regroupant catholiques, musulmans, hindouistes et pentecôtistes, joue la fraternité…la concorde regne sur l’ile. Mais chacun de se proteger contre les mauvais esprits comme il l’entend. Tour d’horizon de ce melting-pot culturel

    Un groupe de dialogue interreligieux a eté cree par les reunionnais et regroupe musulmans, catholiques, hindoues, etc. A la Reunion on croit dans “l’importance du fait religieux mais dans la cohesion sociale”.

    P etre est-il temps de copier nos voisins afin d’eviter le pire a Maurice! Plus de dialogue entre les communautés est plus que jamais necessaire…


  2. it was a nice talk. it can be applied to a nation or even individually. conflicts can be effectively avoided if one switch to such approach, partly.. if not wholly 🙂
    this should be inculcated in children from young age. in informal and formal socialisation. that would prevent the world from becoming worse than what it is today.. concerning conflicts…specially those related to ethnicity and religion..

    fink we shud open a debate on the blog..


  3. La conference etait tres enrichissante…Mons Seth est une personne riche en culture et communique bien. Je pense si tout un chacun prenait reelement en consideration ce qu’il disait, cela changerait vers le meilleur notre mode de vie en societe……………


  4. it was really nice. my cohen gave a strong overview on how to deal with people from different beliefs. we sometimes forget that we all come from one. We all originated from one man and woman at a moment of time – the first human beings to ever exist. Its only later one that differences arosed out of misconceptions and misunderstandings but most of all men drew apart in the fight for power and fame.

    we as the new generations shouldnt get trapped in this vicious circle. we are all human beings sharing this blue planet. instead of fighting unnecessarily lets try our best to save this shattered planet. our earth is in danger. pollution is tarnishing its future. lets fight for the respect of the environment.


  5. We need to reflect more on our cultural diversity n like Naw says maybe create a sort of debate on the blog..

    But I will prefer if we organise somethg on campus – creating more dialogue among different ethnic groups and let people voice out their frustrations and their real feelings…


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