Opportunities: essay contest & internship

In case anyone’s interested:

– International Essay Contest for Young People (aged up to 25) The theme is “The role of media and information and communication technologies in building a peaceful world.” Click here for more info. Entries must be received by June 30, 2007

– The Scripps Howard Foundation Semester in Washington internship program brings three international students per year to Washington, D.C., to work at the Scripps Howard News Service for 10 to 14 weeks each. Click here for more info. The deadlines are Oct. 1 (for the January-April term), March 1 (for the June-August term) and June 1 (for the September-December term).

Christina Chan-Meetoo


4 thoughts on “Opportunities: essay contest & internship

  1. .. really interesting topic! saw the ad on the newspaper abt the International Essay contest but i just seem to be over the age limit… too bad for me!


  2. Interesting essay…in fact we had an assignment recently for our intercultural com module.. a bit similar to this one … I thk can send my essay…age limit ok for me Zayna 🙂


  3. hey ish, bez sa… y 25? are 26 people too mature for this essay??? haha. anyway, i would ask yaveen also to send something… this guy writes well!(li pou extre gonfler la!!!)….


  4. I saw the essay compet in Defi + but didnt no abt the internship.
    I would thank Mme Christina for bringin these ‘opportunities’ to her ( young n not-so-young) students.

    @ yumn
    may b the essay compet people should see their rules again coz ,surely, u r ONLY a couple of hours ( or days or months) over the age limit, isn’t? bann la kapav faire enn ti zeffor kan mem :-0

    Btw am eyein both ‘opportunities’ but first thing first: lets deal with exams avant tout.


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