‘People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.’

You ll never walk alone.

Thank Rafa. We r in the final, comme d’hab.

Bring on Manu or Milan.

It wasn’t only a match between Abramhovic n Hicks\Gillette, Morinho n Benitez, Drogba n Agger,Terry n Crouch but also a match between my dad n me.

N we won.

Can’t wait for the 23th of May.




5 thoughts on “‘People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.’

  1. To all Man utd n Chelsea fans:

    don’ worry guys we’ll bring the Euro Champs Cup to England this year.

    We understand that u lacked something somewhere which led to ur exit, but chill out; ur BIG BROTHER is here to deal with Gattusso & comp.



    I was expectin this kindda comment. but rest assured, ur hate for livpool is not 1 sided, i hate manu too ,3,4,5… U no wat, i prefer seein any of the 19 sides liftin the premiership title but not c.ronaldo n comp.I LOVE HATIN MANU(re).

    Concernin LA LIGUE DES CHAMPIONS [out of which Manu was kicked out(i simply love remindin manu fans how they were humiliated)], lets not count the chicks b4 the eggs hatch, wait out baby.



  3. last time we made a catch-up of 3 goals to win the cup… now am finking of giving them a 5 goals advance!! Hope we are being fair enough!! teams wiz ‘le dent dilait’ bizin pran ti coupe!! Man u premiership, Chelsea Carling…

    Let Liverpool play the master game.

    Am worried bout my LFC shirt, there is only 5 stars on it… have to throw it now to get a 6 stars one!!

    Yav just tell dad milltons nage dans la riviere, requins nage dans grand la mer!!



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