Meeting with 2 working journalists on campus


Update: Monday 14th @ 11.20 a.m. – So far, we have only 12 persons who have confirmed. You can still confirm until tonight.

As announced in the last class of Principles of Journalism in Year 1, we will be having two journalists, Gilbert Deville (also a former student on the degree) and Henri Marimootoo (first president of the latest association of journalists), on Wednesday 16th May at 11.30 a.m. on the campus. They are willing to have an informal interactive exchange about the work of a journalist in Mauritius with all interested students. Both are currently employed as journalists in the publications of the Le Mauricien group.

However, I would like to obtain firm confirmations that we will have a sufficient number of students to hold the meeting as it is quite embarrassing to ask people from outside to come and then have them talk only to a handful. It reflects badly on our image as a whole….

So, please provide confirmation asap in the comments section (just click on comments and in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box, type ‘Sure I’ll be there’ and your name). If there are less than say 15 persons, we will need to cancel!

Students of other levels can also manifest their interest if any…

Please confirm by Monday 14th.

Christina Chan-Meetoo


14 thoughts on “Meeting with 2 working journalists on campus

  1. It seems that it will be interesting, surtout que le metier de journaliste ne nous semble plus aussi valorisant qu’auparavant. i’ll be present too, just to get the feedback of some professional. Peut etre qu’ils rallumeront la fiere flame de ce metier 😉


  2. After my visit on, count on me to be there. By the way i invite all of u communication people to go on this site. Peut-on s’attendre un jour à voir un Il est permis d’être optimiste.


  3. I enjoyed readin the previous (kicks n blows) post of Madame Christina. this is wat happens wen u break promises,guys.
    unlike you all, I faithfully attended the presentation, together wiz Naime. despite the fact that I didn’t promise to attend it earlier.
    for this interactive xchange il y aura salle comble (especially yr1 people), i bet my head ma’am. after the lavé-rinsé-percé-met-sek they got 🙂

    needless to say, Yaveen ll b there.


  4. Oh…just too bad i wont be able to be of the ‘party’ since we, year4 students, are having Political Communication Exams @ 13h30 on that day! Though i would have liked to meet Deville as a fore-front ‘lecturer’ now! hmmm!


  5. I’ll be coming too 😀 LOL

    1 xtra lavé sa YAveen…Keep Cool Mrs Chan-Meetoo 🙂

    BTW, I was late for the Amadeus presentation so didnt come ct pa vraiment in my specialisation so..

    But am definitely coming for this one


  6. oui, je serai la madame! et desole pour le truc d’amadeus, j’avais vraiment l’intention de venir mais je n’ai pas pu.


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