Amadeus On Campus 2

Amadeus is a team of 10 professionals (+2 Freelancers) and counts within its client portfolio, prestigious companies like Toyota Mauritius, Gamma, Harel Mallac Technologies (Nokia & Sony-Ericsson) & Holcim amongst others. According to Ashraf, Amadeus operates more as an integrated brand consultancy than an advertising agency. Their focus is to provide customized solutions for brands whether they are FMCG, service or corporate brands through a range of services that includes advertising & design, marketing & brand strategy, PR strategy and Event Management.

The two main presenters were:

Nanda Pavadey – Managing/Creative Director

Ashraf Ozeerally – Business Development Manager

Also present were The Client Service Manager and the Art Directors.

The presentation started with a description of the different departments of the agency and how people are involved in an ad creation.

  • The Brief – the Account Executive/Client Service officer – and sometimes the MD and Ashraf – go to the client to understand the needs of the company and then they prepare a brief based on the ideas of the client.
  • The De-briefing session – which is done within the agency and which involves questions such as “what is the path to purchase?”, and “what role does the ad plays in purchasing a car(as e.g)?”
  • The role of the Strategic Planner – it is more about research work on behalf of their clients. He/she searches information about the competitors of their clients and how their ad are positioned – it also involves focus group interviews to know about the consumer’s attitudes and preferences and perception about a particular product. It is also referred to as where our client is positioned in the minds of consumers. Then the Amadeus decides on the angle to take to position their client’s product and brand.
  • The role of the Creative Team – l’objectif est que la pub soit vue et retenue…Il faut “trouver l’idee creative”
  • The role of the Media Planner/Buyer – the one who decides when the ad is to be aired/viewed and which media space to buy. Nanda focused on the fact that we should not ‘débalance’ the agenda set by the MBC in terms of their ad space allocation.

Also, Nanda said that there are 3 types of persuasive attitude that an ad should aim at:

  • Logical
  • Emotional
  • Credibility

Nanda went on a description of how they created the Toyota Corolla ad as well as the Toyota Yaris ad (their major success). The Toyota Corolla Ad is as follows:

The other points that were raised during the presentation were:

  • Client-Agency relationship
  • The involvement of the consumers in the process of ad creation
  • Monitoring – If the agency undergoes an after campaign analysis/feedback? A question of measuring the impact of the ad on the consumers.
  • A description of the rules regarding the ‘Make your Own TV ad” by Yohann
  • The aggressive billboards ads – those who are non-aesthetic
  • Should we have a “Police de Pub” or not?

In fact, it has been a quite interactive session between the students and the advertisers whereby we have had the opportunity to know more about the advertising world. We wish Amadeus, all the luck and prosperity in the advertising industry! Continue to amaze us with new ads and concepts! By the way, it’s website is sooooooo coooooollllllllllll


3 thoughts on “Amadeus On Campus 2

  1. Hi to you all,

    I know i may have skip some of the points raised in the presentation… My Memory is crashing since i’m getting a bad flu! By the way, can you all please add your points…

    @Mrs Chan-Meetoo

    am getting some problems to upload my adverts on this blog.. may be it is due to a connection problem… God knows how much i’ve tried to get this published! besides, when am enlarging the ad, the image is being worsened… can you please do the needful



  2. Hi Zaynah,
    Thanks for the recap.

    As for the problems that you have encountered whilst posting, I think that you should avoid using codes and html tags apart from those provided by WordPress. These are pretty fine and follow the KISS principle. Are you exporting from MS Word to HTML or what? If so, avoid doing that, MS is notorious for clogging things….
    Also, I checked and found that the image you have uploaded contains errors. That’s why you can only display it in thumbnail size. Can you upload the original so I can do the needful?

    And yeah, Naime, pas blier nou…

    Christina Chan-Meetoo


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