Meeting with journalists confirmed

The meeting with the two journalists Gilbert Deville and Henri Marimootoo is confirmed for Wednesday 16th May at 11.30 a.m.
Just like for the Amadeus presentation, the meeting is meant to be informal and interactive. They will be talking about the work of journalists in Mauritius.

Location: ex-CDAC room (behind library printing unit).
Open to all students.


3 thoughts on “Meeting with journalists confirmed

  1. I enjoyed every minute of this interaction with Gilbert Deville and Henri Marimootoo. It’s a change from what we have been exposed to at L’Express. Merci messieurs. For your passion, and for having said things for like they are. For info, after the interaction i’ve met people willing to set up a team as per Mr H.Marimootoo’s suggestion. I’ll definitely be in. Maybe we have given the impression of “tater le terrain”, but i can promise you “le feu journalistique n’est peut-être pas encore là, mais il y a une petite flamme qui a pris de l’ampleur aujourd’hui.”


  2. I liked it too. For once there r some people encouraging us. Am willing to join the team Natalie..keep me updated

    In fact I talked about this to a friend some weeks before…that Com students should try launch their own newspaper. Like Mrs Chan-Meetoo said we shud use this blog in the first instance..begin it at a small level, and gradually ” le feu journalistique’ will come by itself.. I thk this is possible if we are all motivated.


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