Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee OP! It’s all over for the 4th Year Bsc Communication Studies with Specialisation in Business/Journalism!!!! It is certainly with great pleasure and an “ouff de soulagement” that we have ended our exams!…FOUR Years of semesterly exams and an erratic working schedule are over! It is still inbelievable!!!

It is also with certain enthusiasm that we said our Goodbyes to Mr Leeldharry(don’t know how to spell his name well!!!). After 4 years, he has come to recognize us easily as THE COMMUNICATION Batch among all those students…. Our class used to often arrange for teh provision of classes with him….We paid our due thanks to him. and We will never forget how he managed to find us a class that would start at 7h15 on a saturday morning for our journalism course with Ryan. He has always understand our motives for classs allocation: We are working people and we have to fit the timetable with our working schedule as well as that of the lecturers!!!!

Some of the most memorable moments include:

  • Indulging in Black&White Photography at Baie Du Tombeau with Amick Teeluckdharry
  • Interview set-up and editing at the MBC
  • Stephen Perry’s Class – Media Style
  • Khooduruth’s classes(Development Commn & Criminality/Deviance)
  • Consumer Culture, Advertising and New Forms of Media classes… and specially those related to IT

As for me, it will be real boring only to work and then comes home afterwards… May be i’ll have to undertake other studies or start thinking about Marriage!!! Pa gagne tracas, pou invite zot pou mo nikah et briani la!

Anywayz, Best of Luck for all those who have a year or years to go…. Be patient… Four Years isn’t that long(you’ll see)…. La perseverance se paye a la fin….

Real Vacation Starts for us!




3 thoughts on “YOUPPIIIIII!!!!!

  1. hi yashvin,

    in fact, the communication students are all working people! We have long since in tegrate the job market!



  2. salam!!!
    well wish u gud luck n hope u hv a bright future ahead!!!
    and…………. dnt 4get to invite me for z brianiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!


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