Projet: lancement d’un journal à l’Université

Notre entretien avec les journalistes du Mauricien, à savoir Henri Marimootoo et Gilbert Deville a été un déclic : il est effectivement grand temps que l’Université de Maurice ait son propre journal. Passionnés d’écriture, d’enquête, de reportages, photographes…etc, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à une équipe enthousiate et dynamique qui veut relever ce défi. Pour votre information, nous serons aidé dans notre initiative par Mme Chan-Meetoo, M. Henri Marimootoo, et d’autres professionnels du métier. Nous les remercions d’avance pour leur générosité. Vos commentaires et suggestions sont les bienvenus pour réaliser ce projet ambitieux. Si vous êtes interessés à faire partie d’une aventure pas comme les autres, nous vous attendons!
Nathalie Bookaree, Yr 1.


18 thoughts on “Projet: lancement d’un journal à l’Université

  1. i ll just come over some points concernin this project. as nathalie has said, the uni of mu has no newspaper.
    by the way, the settin up of a journal doesnt seem to be on the priority list of student union guys(if they have a priority list of course).
    so we, comms students, have decided to have one. it is still at a pre-embroynic stage n we wish to know who are interested. people masterin desktop publishin r welcome coz wizout a website, the paper ll b lame.

    havin said all this, the first step is to set up a team. we r waitin for feedbacks.


  2. actually
    there used to be a paper
    Zot News
    i was running for 1 year
    bt then
    it didnt work
    since uni students were not much interested in reading
    i think
    rather than setting a written newspaper
    hw abt somethg like an e-newspaper
    this has some advantages :

    1. it will b freely available
    2. one can read all the previous editions at one same page
    3. we could set up some online feedback
    4. its more like somethng using the state of the art
    5. it will cost much less to the one running the journal
    6. like some1 said..using paper in kidding..
    7. oh and its ecologically safe

    and yeah
    this could b a joint project with the guys from the CSE dept (which i am part of..till next month atleast)


  3. I think it will have to be an e-newspaper… have to discuss all this with the others

    @ Natalie n Yaveen
    Once the exams r over, we have to meet ok.. send me your mobile num Natalie
    Good luck for your exams


  4. As Sundeep said,

    a newspaper in ‘paper’ version will be quite costly and it will have to be a definite e-newspaper… and it can be also a good initiative to invlove the CSE dept since the guys there manipulate technologies and websites better…

    Once Exams are over… you can all have a good talk and set the online newspaper for the UoM!


  5. Slt, jsuis navré detre le mouton noir de la classe de BSc comm. Je partage entierement l’avis de nos amis. C nettement mieux et de plu facile un e-news car ca comporte plus d’avantage . De plus je trouve ke ce serai un projet bocou plus accessible et interactif pr les etudiants.


  6. hmm if it’s only e-newspaper…then i guess it will be more like a blog :S

    @Sundeep…you are from cse, and i guess you already know that the dream of having paperless society has been freezed if not scrapped…

    My view, newspapers got to be online in this new era, I agree, but having hard copy is as important.

    And also…I would like to be a member of the team :p


  7. we’ll be meetin once exams over, at UNI mem.

    @ sundeep
    CSE guys’ help ll prove useful, no doubts.
    i dont no the reason y ZOT NEWS crashed but surely, somethin somewhere was wrong. as i said our paper ll have a website too. maybe we should launch the e-paper first, then the hard copy.
    BTW we can learn from ZOT (NEWS) mistakes, so dont miss the meetin Sandeep.
    if we ve got a solid n dedicated team, i dont see y the projek ll fail. Finance, u wd say, will b a prob. yes but where wd the PR skills we ve learn at uni help, if not here.
    Tell me the name of one business which is NOT willin to place ads in a paper that ll circulate among more than 5000 students? The shopkeeper James, maybe, coz he too popular on the camp.

    unfortunately not many students( includin Comms students too) visit this blog. Meanin some people may not be gettin the msg. so we have to mail our pals, n channel em to this blog.


  8. @roushdat
    mo pas ti pou expect to pou dire moi sa as a CSE student
    with ubiquitous computing and the advent of web 2.0
    paperless society IS the next step
    perhaps next year u’ll have a broader view abt it..


  9. Really interesting. The most important thing , whether you decide to choose the electronic or hard copy version, is to post interesting articles. Should be something that interests most of us.
    Deja pour cummencer, combien parmi zot lire journal lakaz? Dnt think so much…..
    Anywayz Good luck and i hope It works well


  10. interesting.. What will the newspaper talk about?? News related only to UOM or touching everything?? Carricature etc?

    i’ll be having my final year project the coming academic year.. but i’ll try to help 🙂


  11. @ Avinash Meetoo
    Hmmm, we have to ask the students about that…. 😉
    What do you think guys and girls?

    @ all
    Sure, we definitely need to have an online version. Whether it will only be online or on paper as well, whether it will be free or paid-for, whether we’ll have podcasts or even videocasts will be discussed I guess by the team. I think we can take onboard all those willing to help in whatever way they can. The leading team will just need to organise all the resources so they are not wasted and deadlines are met, etc.

    So, Yavin & Nathalie & co, la balle est dans votre camp…

    Christina Chan-Meetoo


  12. Msg to yaveen…When i was still at secondary school, i intended to create a newspaper… The name was Le Gribouilleur…How will you call the newspaper?? will it be on line or the team decided a printed version?? Let me know, you have my mail thanks…


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