Nou zournal

We have agreed to meet on Saturday 09/06/07 at 10h00. The venue is Room 1.2 New Academy Complex, University of Mauritius.
After definin the editorial team, we will try to bring answers to the followin:

i) name of the paper

ii) e-paper, hard copy or both

iii) format of paper

iv) monthly,weekly, fortnightly

v) columns (rubriques)

vi) who ll do what

and any arisin issue.

As suggested by Mme Christina, it is not necessary to be part of the editorial team to write for the paper. You can be a contributor by writing on an on & off basis.

Leave a comment to confirm ur presence.



18 thoughts on “Nou zournal

  1. Won’t you prefer meeting in a room to be able to discuss without any noise?
    I can ask for a classroom if you wish (e.g. the one behind printing unit). Let me know.
    C. Chan-Meetoo


  2. Hi!
    Exams are finally over!!!!Don’t know about u people but these 2 weeks have been hectic! Need the week-end to chill and then we’re on for new thrills.
    Thanks Yav for setting up the meeting. I’m ok for Wed. I note that Wed may be a problem for those working, is Saturday better? Anyway, i can arrange any day chosen but it’ll just have to be betw 12.30 to 14h00. On Saturday, anytime until 15hrs. Just keep me posted if there’s a change.
    @Mrs Chan-Meetoo
    If u can arrange for us to have a class, mari top! Somehow, lets wait until Monday for confirmation. I hope by then we’ll hear from those who’ll be present, and if ever we have to postpone for Saturday, will u still be able to get us a class?
    @Sundeep, Ishtiba, Issaie, Roushdat, Ariele, Vicks, Muzzamil, Avinash Meetoo…..where are u people?
    @ Those reading in
    There’s no need to be part of the editorial team, u can come in a as a contributor, and that also don’t have to be permanent! Anyway at this stage, everyone willing to help is welcome on board. Manifestez vous, its going to be a worthwhile experience!


  3. Hi!! well thats a very good initiative. I’ll be helping where i can. Any IT help, David and Myself are here. And ofcourse articles as well..

    But for the meeting..During week days its very difficult. Well, keep us inform through the blog at least.

    Good Luck to all


  4. @ all
    as u ve noticed i ve changed the date of the meeting. initially it was scheduled for Wednesday 06/06/07. but Wednesday seems tight for many. so we have opted for Saturday 09/06/07. Time :10am.
    it ll be impossible to postpone the meetin any further, it now up to u all to ‘faire enn tracé’ to b present.

    @ mme Christina
    a classroom ll b better than the plaza. Please do the needful n let me no, so that i can bring the necessary changes to the post. Thanks ma’am.

    drop in dude, am sure u can help. the door is open.



  5. Hello all. everythin is set for the meetin tmorow. the room is 1.2 NAC (thanks ma’am). hope to see u guys.
    please come along wiz suggestions concernin the followin: i) name of the paper ii) e-paper, hard copy or both iii) format of paper iv) monthly,weekly, fortnightly v) columns (rubriques) vi) who ll do what.
    Btw there s a new paper out named ZEN. it is the product of National Youth Council n it s Issue 0 was released in 1000 copies around the island some days back. see if u can get a copy of that (at youth centres), it ll surely help.



  6. Hi..
    Being part of the editorial team is not necessary to contribute to the zournal but do you have to be a comms student!??
    Cuz i really would enjoy contributing..



  7. Hi im djemillah from com/year 1… Wanted to know if i could contribute to your paper… I noted a comment ont he new paper zen… Was the one who founded it, designed it with a group of friends…i left the group coz started working at Top Fm…i could never meet the other members of the council…

    If a can write in your paper let me know…I’ll be glad to contribute and help


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