Proud to be Mauritian? Spare me.

Two brothers raped their step sisters. The son killed his mom. The son-in-law raped his mother-in-law. He was knifed at St Pierre by students. Mr X made international calls from his work place, Mauritius Broadcastin Corperation, worth thousands. He is sacked coz he was cleansin the system at Cardiac centre. He has sex wiz his minor girl friend n flees abroad wen she is pregnant.

Still, one thing is missin: no son had sex wiz his ma. After all the above stuff, this piece of info should b the least surprisin.

We r famous, f**k us.



3 thoughts on “Proud to be Mauritian? Spare me.

  1. Happens everywhere, get over it. We humans have been killing, raping and stealing for many generations, I am sure it will continue.

    I am still more concerned about the standard of English among young people in Mauritius than I am about crime.


  2. @yav

    We are not living in heaven… we cannot expect our LITTLE Mauritius to be devoid of any crime… However, it is true to say that the crime rate is increasing in our country… but what can WE do? Awareness campaigns? Community Crime Prevention Schemes? there is a whole lot to consider….

    @MC Hammer
    English? not only is the Standard bad but the way it is taught as a Language is also bad….


  3. “We humans have been killing, raping and stealing for many generations, I am sure it will continue.”
    What i like wiz this sentence is how easily its author has expressed himself. N also the high degree of certainty.
    We ve got a prob wen we hear people say ‘ oh common, all this is part n parcel of life’ . i hate this attitude.

    of course a perfect world is illusionary but WAT R U DOIN TO hammer THE ILLS OF SOCIETY? the article published by Issaie ,again, talks of the same prob.

    Paradise is burnin Mr Mark Twain.


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