Bus Drivers & Receivers abuse the elderly!

I have not really been a proponent of the “transport gratis”system. After all, I have not been privileged, having finished school a bit too early to benefit from this and having still a lot of time to go pu vin ‘3eme age’ so that I don’t pay -) Ive always seen this scheme as being a foolish one adopted by the govt as all this money could have been diverted towards more productive usage.

How many times have we seen elderly people using the bus and smiling smuggly at the bus receiver while showing their ID/transport card. How many times have we just looked at those people angrily n jealously coz they got a seat and we had to stand !Oh God how we must have loathed them at that moment wen we had to stand for whole “trajet”!! So many times we would take the bus n got pushed by those “dadi’s & les mami” barging their way to enter the bus first. I even once got pushed, shoved, thrusted to one side of the crowd by their bags and bodies.. or we could get remarks as “Ban zenfan zordi zour, péna maniere!! Laisse mo rentrer mo beti/beta!!”...Sometimes I would see some old persons taking the bus and stop at the next bus stop! I often thought to myself: Can’t they do some bit of exercise and walk!! ;-)

We have all been witnesses of such situations before and felt like that. But, whether we agree or not, those elderly persons are mere victims of this disorganized, messy system.

They are in fact being more and more abused by bus receivers and conductors. We all heard stories about the bus not stopping to take them on as they don’t pay. I even read yesterday in l’Express that NTA has taken punitive measures against those who have behaved in a non-civilized way towards our elderly. Some have been suspended from work..But ,will this really be a detriment??

Today, during the MBC news (which I have watched after such a long time!), I saw that the National Transport Corporation (NTC) launched new buses yesterday, and no need to add that the MBC was glorifying that”NTC will be able to provide better services to the citiziens”…n so much blabla on NTC.

But they forgot to add that on the very same at around 7.15 a.m on one of their brand-new bus (with air-con, seatbelts, etc) an old lady was PHYSICALLY ABUSED/MIS-TREATED !!! Yet again the elderly is harassed just because she had the misfortune of being too old and benefiting from the TRansport-Gratuit…

This time the bus conductor conciously and cruelly blocked her with the door !! U imagine the poor woman got the closing door pressing againgt her ribs such that she couldn’t move..being stuck!!! She even had to plead/beg the bus driver to let her go!!

Better service is not only about brand-new buses with lots of gadgets, music, air-con etc!! WE NEED QUALITY SERVICE from those working in those bus!!

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