Hi-tech screen hits Port-Louis Waterfront


” If everything goes as planned, the giant screen should stand on its feet on this side of the Waterfront before Friday10/08/07” reveals an official who asked not to be identified.

Several weeks since, the right back flank of the Port-Louis Waterfront (behind Astrolab) is inaccessible to the public. Reason: the site is under construction. Leased by the State Property Development Corporation (SPDC), the plot will birth the first dynamic display screen that will be viewable from 200 metres. ”People strolling on the other side ( that is Caudan Waterfront) will see clearly what is being shown. Famous in Dubai, it is the first time that such a high-tech structure is rising from the Mauritian soil” says the same source.

Infact the father of this project is United Arab Emirates resident Saoud Al-Harkan, owner of the LED International Company. He is financing the construction and setting up of the 6 metres long by 3 ½ metres wide screen. Everything that comes after will be handled by Jungle Blue, a Mauritian advertising company. ”Primarily we will be selling this ‘media space’ to organisations who wish to advertise their products or services. Later on we are planning to broadcast football matches. This, of course, will depend on the number of sponsors and the retransmission rights that we get” adds the official.

Even if the cost of the project is a closely guarded secret, this piece of information has leaked: the one million rupees mark has already been crossed.

The source concludes on a surprisingly confident note: ” It is a surefire that the screen will be famous; if not by its commercial success then by the questions that will be raised relating to it in the National Assembly.”     


Yaveen- yr2.


6 thoughts on “Hi-tech screen hits Port-Louis Waterfront

  1. placement at the very start of year 2 ?!? nope. was just an article that i wrote and forwarded to l’express n le matinal. the latter didnt publish it.
    let me tell you some behind-the-curtains news: lexpress got to my source (unnamed in my arti, still they got him) and wanted to interview him exclusively. but the official faithfully refused.
    n to make my article look ‘old’ ( page 8 ), they inserted une breve in page 3 of the same paper. I LOVE KASS KONTé.
    but this is wat happens in real life, u would tell me. yep i no, j’appren sur le ta 🙂
    U didnt sign ur comment n i cant guess who u r.



  2. Hi yav…

    am not yet dead though i seem to be these days….

    well, i read the article and as i told u on txt, L’Express pane kave digerer ki tone ressi passe avant zot dans sa NEWS la… saem zot met 1 breve de 5lignes et en+ zot source pas p kave trop confirmer couma l’ecran la pou ete!

    anywayz… continier KASS ConT…

    Best of Luck



  3. Hi Yaveen,

    I met the Saoud Al-Harkan in person in December08… Real great guy! By the way, he is married to a Mauritian…

    Best of luck for ur 2nd work placement… Time flies man..



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