Semester starts on 20th Aug

Dear Yr 2 & Yr 3 students,

Please note that we have just received instructions to postpone start of the semester by one week. Thus, lectures will start on Monday 20th August instead of the 13th August as initially announced.

Sorry for that…

Christina Chan-Meetoo


14 thoughts on “Semester starts on 20th Aug

  1. Nope, it does not apply to our faculty only. And it applies to all years except those joining Yr 1 in some faculties (like FSSH) as per our Dean’s instructions.

    I know it may look strange to you but the decision is motivated by some major issues under discussion between academics and management and I cannot elaborate on that.

    I would personally prefer to start as scheduled in order to finish on time but orders are orders, isn’t it?


  2. Hi Mrs Chan-Meetoo,

    I would like to know when the detailed results will be available since am applying for a post at the ICAC and as thus, i need to submit proof of me graduating this year.

    Thank you.




  3. @ Sarojini,
    Check with your programme coordinator or with Registry. I’m coordinating Yrs 2 & 3 this time;)

    @ Zaynah
    we normally receive detailed transcripts for distribution to students a few weeks after start of semester. Better check with administration/exams section, they do the printouts. Good luck for ICAC…

    hmm, passage sirop, hein?

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  4. Hi madam

    i would like to know how u view the idea that the university has decided that ‘dissertation’ will have to be done in group of three rather than on an individual basis, for those in third year. Personally am against this idea for various reasons:

    – ‘Dissertation’ is something that assesses what the student has learnt throughout the course
    – We all know the benefits and drawbacks of working in groups

    Another question is whether it is going to apply for us for our final year?


  5. @ Saylesh
    There is still much confusion about whether this decision will be applicable to all programmes including ours. I am personally against applying a decision without weighing the consequences and without having any proper planification.

    As you know, the Union of academic staff has served a ‘mise en demeure’ on several issues to management of UOM as there was no consultation with academics for any of the multiple decisionstaken at the top.

    So, it’s statu quo for the time being.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  6. Am against this decision of doing dissertation in group!!! 😦 Am very much concerned coz I already have an idea of my topic for dissertation…Crappy decisions


  7. nouzournal = Yaveen or Ishtiba?

    Good news for Yr 4 students: this grouping decision will not be implemented this year.

    BTW, those who wish to do their dissertations with me, please let me know. We can start discussing your ideas. The earlier you start the better it is.



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