Time-tables / Announcements

Here are the Semester 1 time-tables for Years 2 & 3 revised today 17th August 2007

Year 2 time-table

Year 2 time-table (revised on 31st Aug)

Year 3 time-table

Year 3 time-table (revised on 31st Aug)
Year 3 time-table (revised on 10th Oct)

Concerning my elective module ‘Aspects of Film Theory’, I need to know how many students wish to follow the module. So please leave a comment on the blog with an indication of whether you wish to take it or not.
According to one student, the time-tabling on Thursday is making it difficult to attend the module. In case this is true for a large number of students, we may reschedule to Wednesday but we will have to see with Yr4 students. So, please also provide such indication.


Update – 31st August 2007:
Year 2: We have a temporary classroom for Saturday mornings for ‘Integrated Communication Strategies’ with Ms Seebaluck (9 to 12 am) as from this Saturday. The room is ex-CDAC behind Library.

Year 3: My module ‘Aspects of Film Theory’ is confirmed for Monday afternoons (1 to 4 pm) in Room 1.1 NAC throughout the semester whereas Ms Paroomal will take you on Tuesdays (1 to 4 pm) and Thursdays (4 to 7 pm).
For ‘Communication Strategies’with Mrs V. Dubourg, room has changed to 2.5 in NAC.

C. Chan-Meetoo


23 thoughts on “Time-tables / Announcements

  1. Good morning,

    I think having this elective on aspects of film theory is a good idea and that it might be more of interest to students from journalism than Bcom. And thursday is indeed a bad day especially for journalists as we usually stay till late to work on our articles primarily weekly papers…So it would be better to reschedule it on Wednesdays. Problem yet if Mrs Paroomal could also reschedule her class I understand that she would take class only in october and would hence do class on monday and thursdays…It would be impossible for students to get three days permission even if courses starts at four…

    Thanks for your collaboration



  2. The module is of equal interest for all communication students, it does not have any journalism bias. In fact, it is much more geared towards cultural studies.

    Having said that, it is an elective, so you are free to choose it or not…

    But if there is a large demand for moving to Wednesday, we can try doing that. It will all depend on the response.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  3. saturday afternoon is the only time wen i can replace the hours that i take as leave durin the week. havin the business comm module on sat afternoon kills me.

    ma’am plz see if you can bring it back in its initial slot(9-12)

    have talked to some classmates, they will also face the same prob.



  4. @Yaveen
    We could not get any class for the morning slot, that’s why it’s been moved to the afternoon. The
    lecturer is OK for either morning or afternoon but rooms are a problem. I’ll talk to Mr Lilldary again but I don’t have much hope…
    C. Chan-Meetoo


  5. We would appreciate if the lecture on saturday could be in the morning. During weekdays, I also have to replace the hours i leave office, but still there are many amongst us who have to replace hours on saturdays.

    Hope that the problem of rooms will be solved after talking to Mr Lilldary.


  6. @Saylesh
    Problem still not solved. I guess Mr Lilldary is having a huge headache these days. He seems to have worked during the whole week-end! Poor guy. Anyway, I’ll find out again tomorrow but as I said earlier, I don’t have much hope. I fear they might start suggesting the move to the SSS colleges which was evoked. I’m not sure you would like that very much…

    OMG, pas laguerre! It’ s because the lecturer for Business Coms is OK for either morning or afternoon. But I’ll try my luck again with Mr Lilldary tomorrow, OK?

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  7. Gdmg

    Can we please ask for a transfer of aspects of film theory on tuesday 1 pm to 4 pm? It’s much better and after Miss paroomal (cours de rattrapage) finishes in one month or two we will b able to get another weekday to work… It’s not even easy to get out @ 14.30 or 15 pm. Thanks for your consideration*


  8. Can you all please attend the first session this Thursday to let me know what you wish to do and also to get acquainted with the module content?

    Then IF we have a sufficient number of students interested, I will try to move the lecture.

    The module outline is online in the ‘Current Lectures’ section. Please have a look…

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  9. To year 2 Business Coms people

    Please make it a must to attend the first session for Integrated Business Communication this week.

    I have talked with Mr Lilldary. He thinks we might get a room as from next week after everything has been settled as it seems that the time-tables (ans thus room allocations) for many programmes are constantly changing these days. Let’s wait for things to settle down. Most probably a room is available but the current confusion makes it difficult to say for sure now.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  10. @Mrs Chan Meetoo

    I talked with the Business Coms people yesterday, we all want to have class in the morning on Saturdays. As you said, we will all make a must to attend session this week. Hope we get a room for next week.


  11. Just inquiring what happened on Tuesday. The lecturer didnt turn up for the afternoon session of Media & ethics…
    We’ve been waiting for 1 and a half hour… 🙂

    Thanks in ad


  12. @ Nausheen and all Yr2 people,

    The lecturer, Mr F. Nooraully, apologises; he misunderstood about start of semester due to the postponing.

    He will not be able to lecture next week as he will be away. First lecture is scheduled for 4th September. He will make the arrangements for catching up during the semester.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  13. @Yaveen

    According to your programme structure, you do not need to take any elective, whether normal or GEM.

    COMS electives will be offered in Sem2.

    However, nothing prevents you from taking an additional module such as a GEM over and above your normal load in Sem1 if you really wish to, I guess. Seems you have to pay extra though.

    Which GEM were you thinking of?

    Do also bear in mind that we cannot accept you taking GEMs in replacement of scheduled electives if those GEMs bear less weightage than the electives listed on the programme.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  14. was thinkin of physical education (PE) where it is relatively easier to score. i guess PE will not be offered to comms students in sem 2 coz there s no apparent link.

    takin a GEM or elective ‘over n above the normal load’ will not affect the CPA, will it?

    checked in the UOM cd but couldnt find some of the modules we doin this sem. wanted to no if any of em are yearly mod.



  15. thanks for the change of timing for Sat ma’m… Though it’s temporary. We’l still struggle to make it to permanent 🙂
    Nice weekend 🙂


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