UOM-comstudies Wiki

Ive created a wiki for all those doing communication studies at UOM.

Here’s the URL:


In fact a wiki is a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it (Source:Wikipedia)

It will enable anyone who join it to edit the pages and easily share resources among themselves. they can also have discussions on their modules and use it as a collaborative learning tool for their class..

Ive added a page where you will find resources that will be useful in some modules.. or just to understand the basics of communication. Anyone is encouraged to post other resources/links that are useful for any module…

There’s also a page dedicated to news that is updated automatically…as am using feeds from LCi, RFI and CNN (latest news)… There’s also a possibility to chat with other persons online…

Here’s how the wiki looks like but hopefully it will be better with evryone’s collaboration…

Hope this wiki serves as a platform for all communication students regarding their modules, resources, more interaction, for queries amongst students n so on…




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