‘Who will guard the guardians?’


Was on my way to university wen i saw this. only had the time to remove my mobile and take this picture, before the bus i was in drove away. True, the image is blurred but that s the best i could get from a 3.15 mega pix mob cam.



9 thoughts on “‘Who will guard the guardians?’

  1. the cops have to do their job. many officers think that once they have that ‘travay gouvernma’, they ve done the hardest. they should be the guardians of the society and protect it from evil.
    it s also bad to see some ‘poulets’ who r rail thin and just 1m70. wat can they do against the 1m90 bodybuilder ‘ki p fou desordre’?
    maybe at this level the authorities should do ‘positive discrimination’, wat say pere gregoire?

    @ saylesh
    éthique coz i shot a cop, in uniform, buyin pirated cds or éthique for the cop?


  2. Yeah well… most of us forget that cops are, above all, fathers, husbands, sons, grandsons etc. We have been tamed to believe in the socially dysfunctional cop who puts his job before everything else. And i’m not just talking about Colombo, Monk or Derrick here, but testosterone-raging ones like Jack Bauer, Inspector Harry and God knows who else.

    Except for Inspecteur Tuyau or Raddhoa (RIP), i don’t see any other cop that even comes close to this idea. But let me put this the way round. How would you fancy your dad, brother, uncle or grandfather “met l’ordre ek ene bodybuilder 1m90 (soyons sadique, armé d’un sabre et d’un coup de poing américain) ki p fou desordre”, when all he has is either his tonfa baton and a pair of handcuffs, WITHOUT any form of help from civils?


  3. we mauritians always add the brin d’emotion n say ‘ pa ti pou kapav faire gran zaffair.’ wen u take the oath,in the uniform, of doin ur job right, u ve gotta do it. NO EXCUSE.
    just like u (hopefully) do ur job and i do mine.

    it s not by puttin my dad or grand pa in the pict that the outcome should change.

    my point is that we gotta get the right dudes for the job, not the ‘rail thin, 1m70’ chap. and they have to respect the uniform they wearin, say by not buyin pirated copies. at least not in that dress.


  4. well u hav to understand that life is damn expensive n difficult these days…i understand that guy buyin these pirated cds as original ones are damn expensive costing around rs900…am sure his salary wont b enough for him to cater for original ones…if he was buyin drugs then it might b another thing dear…but u rite on that point he should hav done it without wearing his uniform as the image and credibility in the police force are being sullied….


  5. Yav, u have your own interpretation of the event and the guy may have his own truth! You should not haste to make conclusions. Enfin, I understand you and your point of view very well. It’s only your ‘matinal effect’!
    Cheers! 🙂


  6. zts sthg reali tough to control in mau nowadaz…wer evn cops cnt imagine zt buyin pirates means illegal…n zt cops may tke u in for zt..well nw if cops r buyin it…..its anozr case to be discuss..n we cnt justify zt pic to the z extreme…..


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