Media Lab for the Unit

I am happy to announce that we will have an in-house media lab with audiovisual facilities which will hopefully be operational by July-August 2008. In fact, as I may have mentioned in class, I have been able to secure financial help from the UNESCO-IPDC (International Programme for the Development of Communication) last year in order to mount this project which had been in the pipeline for a number of years.

We are in the process of evaluating offers for the purchase of the necessary equipment but are currently confronted with some difficulties. So, if you know potential suppliers for audiovisual equipment, please check this post on my personal blog and provide your help.

Christina Chan-Meetoo

2 thoughts on “Media Lab for the Unit

  1. Hi Christina.

    I just bought a Hercules MK2 DJ Console from Maurisoft Ltd, Pailles. Try contacting them! They’ve got loads of things and that they’ll surely be willing to import if they don’t have 🙂

    (Bernard Desmarais and Patrice D’Avrincourt are customers too!)

    Contact details:
    Maurisoft Solutions Ltd
    3rd Floor, Sibotie House, Anse Courtois, Les Pailles, Mauritius
    Tel : (230) 286 96 31, Fax : (230) 286 96 29
    Email :


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