Place your bets


We are finally there. Four English teams ( Mant Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal) out of the eight that qualified. The other four are Barcelona (Spain), Roma (Italy), Fenebahce (Turkey) and Schalke (Germany).

Some ( the canal + guys) say that this will be the consolation prize for England as it ll watch Euro 2008 with no particular interest.

They also add (since Lyon is out) that Arsenal is the favourite, with its gamut of frenchies headed by Arsene.

So what the draw of the quarter finals( scheduled for friday 14/03) has in store? Liv’pool vs chelsea, Man utd vs Barca, Arsenal vs Roma? Que du gratin…

The pity is that anyone can play anyone in the last eight, meaning English teams may be drawn against each other.

What about Man Utd vs Liv’pool, for the kops to forget the previous humiliation?



4 thoughts on “Place your bets

  1. Arsenal vs Liv’pool (2 and 8 april)
    As Roma vs Man Utd (1 and 9 april)
    Fenerbahce vs Chelsea (2 and 8 april)
    Schalke vs Barca (1 and 9 april)

    That s the fixtures of the forthcoming Champions league quarter finals.

    The young gunners versus the vice champions of Europe. Maybe the reds have the advantage since they r playing the return match at anfield. but the last visit of arsenal to san siro puts the kops in doubt.

    Roma has beaten Milan last night and it would b tough for Man Utd to redo the last season 7-1 exploit. but again manu have the adv of playin the return match at old trafford.

    Same for Chelsea who ll have the home adv in the return leg. Lampard is back in business with his brillant performance against Derby.

    Barca appears to be the logic winner but without the fantastic Messie, r they as lethal?

    Bone crunching fixtures before the semi, which promises to be even more bone crunchier.
    we have to thank the local tv station for broadcasting all the matches. we, the football hungry popu, r thankful to them for their effort (maybe if Mr Bijay reduces his flights and Mr Ishwar cuts down on his international calls, we can have more football. we can only hope.)



  2. man united will go through
    liverpool will go through(painfully)
    barca will go through
    fenerbahce will make it hard, but Chelsea will go through


  3. Well,,
    MAN U is on the way to win the premierships and it is not that difficult to have the champions league.
    Concerning Chelsea ,the one to be in final with Man U.


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