The Mediacom Studio is alive

I am pleased to announce that the Communication Studies Unit is now equipped with a multimedia studio which I have set up with (a lot of) help from Avinash (my husband who is a lecturer in the Computer Science dept). The studio has been baptised Mediacom Studio and even has a website which we have launched yesterday at

The facility has been created thanks to funding from the UNESCO-IPDC which approved my project last year. Avinash has been the mastermind behind the technical setup and has spent a lot of time selecting and fine-tuning our equipment list. We had a lot of constraints such as limited availability of certain items and also the dollar exchange rate which shrunk our budget. But, we managed to have a nice setup nevertheless with:

– Apple iMacs complete with the iLife and iWork suites
– Panasonic HD camcorders with tripods and a lighting kit
– Olympus audio recorders with tie-clip microphones
– Philips LCD TV, DVD player and an Apple TV
– a gigabit local network

The idea is to provide more hands-on practical training to our Communication and Journalism students, to give them the opportunity to come up with professional products and showcase them on the website.

Christina Chan-Meetoo


2 thoughts on “The Mediacom Studio is alive

  1. @Mrs Meetoo & Avinash

    Very good initiative and very encouraging for com students who will benefit from the latest technologies. Chapeau!!



  2. Hi,

    Congratulations for this brand new mediacom studio!

    well, i have listened to something interesting about journalism(le journalism citoyen). Francis Pisani talks about the new era of journalism and says that journalists are now ‘mediateurs de conversations’.

    Here is the link to the article:

    I dont know how you will see it, but from my point of view and from what i’ve learned in my new job, i can certainly say that Francis Pisani is right….



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