Storytelling is what politicians use to set the agenda of agenda-setters. Communication Advisors engineer plans to CONTROL what is said about their boss in the media. That is they voluntarily feed positive stories about their boss to the media and the latter, innocently, depicts the intended image.

An example, according to Envoyé Spécial, is the romance [and mariage] of Sarkozy and Bruni. Magazines and newspapers, which shouted on roofs tops that they got the latest about the Sarkozy and Bruni affair, were apparently fed by the comm office of the President. At that time surveys showed a drop in the number of people who still see him as the President of France.

I was surprised when I saw the report titled ‘Actualité’ of Envoyé Spécial and this puts into question what we are served everyday in newspapers. That is the audience’s agenda is set by media houses and the latter’s agenda is set by politicians.

Hopefully the MBC will broadcast that episode of Envoyé Spécial on Monday 19/05/08. Below is the URL of the site of Envoyé Spécial.



2 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. Dear Yaveen,

    How are you man?

    This type of storytelling is called SPIN-DOCTORING. I am pretty sure you will learn more about the agenda-setters of politicians in the Political Communication Module.

    If you want more info, you know where to call me…

    Kind Regards



  2. am alive.
    this aspect of communication fascinates me and i think i know what am gonna do for my dissertation.
    i won’t call u, i ll rather drop in to meet u all.
    by the way where are coms people, we are in holidays and pa tann narnien.
    see u yumn.


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