The Mauritius College of the Air (MCA)

The MCA is a parastatal organisation under the aegis of the ministry of education and human resources since 1985,established under the MCA Act. The object of the college is to promote education, arts, science and culture generally through mass media.

One of the two operational arms of the MCA is the Media Division, which produces audio-visual materials for Educational purpose…..a support for primary and secondary schools, as well as for adult and continuing education.

I will be very grateful to you people if you could share with me your views and perceptions about the educational programmes of the MCA.  Teachers and even students of several secondary schools  have confirmed that these programmes are very useful, where images have proved to be better than thousand words. Various subjects are better understood.

What is your opinion on having audio-visual sessions inserted into the University’s modules? Do you think it will be worth for the MCA to start produce programmes for tertiary level as well,as it’s objective is to provide educational services??? For example, won’t it be interesting for year 1 communication students to view a programme of how a press or advertising company works? so many programmes could be produced for the various courses of the different faculties.

Do you think the creation of  an educational television channel for the MCA would be a good idea? Finally, instead of the MCA and MBC to be complementary or partners,do you get the impression that they are rivals?

please do share all your opinions with me as it will be of a tremendous help in writing my workplacement report. 

Just trying find out good recommendations for the MCA..lolllzzz




4 thoughts on “The Mauritius College of the Air (MCA)

  1. Yeah! That’s a great idea! The MCA can also produce tertiary level programmes! But do you think lecturers would encourage the students to use the progs? And why not having the students themselves participate in producing the programmes!


  2. Good idea stud29 (why don’t you put the real names?) to have students do the programmes themselves
    I don’t think lecturers will object to using the programmes…

    And Rizwana (why don’t you put your real name too?), why don’t you create a proper survey if you want to collect solid information. You can use SurveyMonkey for instance.

    BTW, are you also participating in the production of programmes. Don’t forget you have to do a journalism compatible placement…



  3. @stud29
    Actually i think its the lecturers who should be using the MCA programmes to support their lectures…which will surely help us understand better. what do you think??Should we make a request to them to have audio-visual sessions??
    And yeah thats indeed a gr88 idea of asking the students themselves to participate in certain progs….m saying ‘certain’ coz i don’t know if it will be practical for the MCA production staff. Can you suggest some kinds of progs that students themselves can produce in collaboration of MCA?? thnx

    @ms Christina
    Yeah i am participating in the production and its great seeing my name with others in the ‘generique’…hihi
    but ‘journalism compatible’, let me be frank,at the mca its a bit different! my first workplacement which was at r1 was real journalism i guess, as it was covering daily news whereas at the mca its not ‘news’.deals more with finding concepts for the various educational programmes,write the scripts and storylines. its more writing first then shoot whereas for ‘news’ its shooting then writing. well I am helping in writing different scripts,preparing questions and interviewing during outdoor shooting. I am editing. I even did the camera and assisting the directors. and I am very much enjoying it ;P

    Very true that there is no better idea than really making a proper survey….will sure do that…thankyou


  4. Well, I expect the MCA to do more in terms of creation and provision of more high quality programs and educational suports. The provision of audio visuals for tertiary level students would indeed be a brilliant idea. Rivaliy and competitions results into the production of high quality stuffs, however I could not feel and say that there is a rivality between the MCA and the MBC, whereby the MBC seems to have in monopolistic rights.
    Lessons should be learnt and examples should be derived from the European countries where the freedom of media results into quality programs.Scotland is a perfect sample to follow. Mauritius if not backwards is lagging far behind. High time indeed to push and bounce things, wake up, shake up and just do it.


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