Talk on Media and Democracy

Media and Democracy:Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Challenges
by Timotheos Frey

Date: Wednesday 29th Tuesday 19th Wednesday 20th August at noon
Venue: Room G1 (may change)

Media play an important role in democratic systems and in democratization processestoo. In addition to their control function of the justice, government and parliamentary action, they control a good part of public information, therefore they may be key players in agenda setting processes. In consolidated democracies, characterized by programmatic linkages between political actors and the electorate, the today’s key role of media in the political process is to establish and ensure the link between the political supply and demand side. Hence, media represent a rich source for scholars investigating in mechanisms behind the political mobilization. But how can information of programmatic positions be extracted? In my speech, I give an overview of recent theoretical and methodological approaches in the concerned field. A comparison of different widely used measurement techniques shows that results heavily depends on employed techniques.

1. A Dynamic Field of Research
(a) Introduction (b) Media Transformation in the Western Context (c) Structural Conflicts and Political Mobilization (d) Spatial Representation of Political Conflicts
2. How to Capture Programmatic Linkages
(a) The Supply and Demand Side of the Political Sphere (b) Manifesto vs. Media Data (c) Media Data: From Words to Numbers
3. From Numbers to Space
(a) Methods (b) The Political Space seen from Different Angles (c) Conclusion

Download synopsis with references


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