Play ‘Baraz’ on campus

Gaston Valayden’s well acclaimed play ‘Baraz’ will be staged this Thursday 11th September at noon in the Raised Plaza on campus. The play, which lasts 45 minutes, will be followed by a debate on the theme of ethnic conflicts (‘communalisme’ as we say in Creole).

2 Mauritian families of different communities are at loggerheads (except for their respeective son and daughter). One day, they decide to create a fence between the two houses whilst pouring communal abuse upon each other… until a cyclone devastates the region and their fence.

The objective of the event is to create human rights awareness and sensitize students on the problematic of communalism in the country.

The event is organised by Amnesty International.

Entrance is free.

12th September update: See related post and review on my blog here

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