Interviews of prospective Presidents of Student Union

The following are snapshots of the interviews of the leaders of the three groups who are eying the post of President of Student Union (University of Mauritius). You can read the full articles at

Roland Babajee (Student Power)

Q- Recently there has been much debate about political financing on the campus. How did your group manage the costs and what are the different communication tools that you have used?

A– Iam happy that you asked this very important question…

Basant Lallah (Student Rights)

Q- What weaknesses do you think you have?

A- You must rather ask this question to students. If i had weaknesses, i would not have stood as candidate.

Avishkaar Jissury (Student Welfare)

Q- If Pere Gregoire sees your list of candidates, he might be frustrated because there are no Christians in your group, especially at a time when he is talking of discrimination vis a vis the creole community. Why is it the case?

A-Because our christian friends were not…




5 thoughts on “Interviews of prospective Presidents of Student Union

  1. Great initiative Yaveen!
    Next time you can ask me for one audio recorder to do the interviews and you can podcast them.

    BTW, it seems that there was a debate organised by 3 bloggers on campus. Check these sites:
    Kurt Avish:

    It may be worth contacting them and posting a link to your note on these websites for greater visibility among students.

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  2. in fact i recorded the interviews on my mob and the quality s average.

    i think the problem was that we could not find an appropriate place to do those interviews; it was done on the last floor of the faculty of agriculture building… sitting on the floor.

    but wat matters is the end result, even if many questions are repeated across the 3 interviews and there are some mistakes.

    i ve left a note on the three blogs, maybe the authors ll get back to me.


  3. Hi to everyone…

    How are you doing Yav? Just wanted to write about something lately but i think the login name/ password has changed….

    Anyway, wish you all Merry Christmas 2008 and Happy New Year 2009.

    Manz are li Yav!




  4. yo yumn, am fine.
    I ve tried to log in but it seems the password changed.
    I ll try to drop in at Blast one of these days to see u guys.
    See u.


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